Snuggle with Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

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There are plenty of dog-loving products out there to unleash your inner crazy cat lady or deranged dog aficionado, but some of them really do standout from the rest. Case in point: this hilarious (albeit handy) hoodie that brings pet parents and their beloved pooches a little bit closer by means of fashion.

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The Mewgaroo Hoodie is made by a Japanese company called Uni Habitat and it’s designed to keep both you and your furry child together via a pouch sewn into the front.

Now, it may take a lot of coaxing and patience to bring your feline into the pouch (and when you do, be sure to send us a photo of this animal miracle), but when they do, it will be GLORIOUS!  The website photos feature cats cozying up inside the pouch and even this cute little ferret sticking their faces out of the fuzzy cocoon that is your sweater.

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We aren’t sure how your bulldog or Mastiff will appreciate this sweater (nope, they won’t even register its existence), but your little Chihuahua or Pomeranian will surely jump in there and snuggle while you’re typing away, trying to make the deadline for an essay due in a few hours.

You can bet your butt if I had one of these, my Chiweenie would throw shade toward my bird, both of who would be fighting for a spot in the coveted position (usually while writing extremely important stories such as this one). I’m heading to Amazon to pick up one of these bad boys – prices start at $62, in your choice of gray or black.

[Source: BarkPost ]