18 Pug-licious Presents for Pug Lovers

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1. Pug Pillow

No living room is complete without a fluffy pillow with a hilarious image of a grinning pug. Face it, you need this in your life. It’s okay, this is a safe place to confess your love of pugs!

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Pillow

Get your snuggle on at CafePress.

2. Pug Etiquette Book

Every pug owner needs a manual to teach their pooch how to a proper, sophisticated pug. From learning how to keep a straight face in stupid outfits to how to behave when visiting the communal watering hole (also known as a bowl), this book is perfect for your pug-crazed buddy.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Etiquette Book

Get yours at Amazon.

3. Collar Clips

For the fashionista in your life, be prepared for a shriek of gratitude when they receive these absolutely adorable pug collar clips.

Pug-licious Presents: Collar Clips

These are just a click away on Etsy.

4. Pug Duvet

Sleeping like a snug pug in a rug – or with this awesome duvet! Available in both queen and twin bed sizes, this duvet lets others know you’re happily in love with all things pug.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Duvet

Head on over to CafePress for yours.

5. Pug Mug

What better way to start your day than with an informative diagram of pug anatomy labeled on your morning cup of tea? From the chow tank to podge sacks, you’ll be a pug professional in no time.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Mug

Amazon has your fix of pug-related java holders.

6. Pug Bag

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more dorky, we proudly bring you this gem. Introducing the pug pack: a pugly-looking backpack (we’re sure the term will catch on….hopefully).

Pug-licious Presents: pug pack

Aliexpress carries these fashion-forward pug packs (we call them that only because “pag” sounds weirder).

7. Sleepy Pug

Pugs tend to sleep… a lot. Lazying around on your couch and snoring up a storm on the carpeted living room floor – don’t let them have all the fun. Get some shut-eye with this silky sleeping mask (disclaimer: we’re sorry if you start snoring as loud as your pug when using this).

Pug-licious Presents: Pug sleeping mask

Available at Etsy.

8. Pugbrella

Rain or shine, pop open your Pugbrella!

Pug-licious Presents: Pugbrella

Stay dry with Amazon.

9. Pug Flippy Floppys

NEED! NOW! Size 9, please.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Flippy Floppys

Step out to Etsy for yours!

10. Pug Life Clock

You didn’t seriously think we were going to go through this whole list without busting out at least one “Pug Life” product, did you? This grungy-looking clock is also customizable, meaning you can put even more pugs on it (because, really, what else would you do?!)

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Life Clock

It’s always pug o’clock at Zazzle.

11. Pug Socks

Everyone uses socks. Everyone loves pugs. These are the facts of human nature: abide by them by purchasing a pair of pug socks. Trust us – we’re know our stuff.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug socks

Step right up to Amazon.

12. Pug Mobile Phone Cases

There are thousands – THOUSANDS – of pug phone cases out there just waiting to be discovered and purchased! What are you waiting for? Get to it!

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Mobile Phone Cases

Get yours at Amazon.

13. Pug Collar

A pink and pug-ful collar for your pug?! This is madness! No…this is pugception!

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Collar

Orders yours at Etsy.

14. Pug Flask

Nothing says “I miss my dog” quite like taking a shot from a stainless steel flask with the image of a worried pug smack dab in the middle.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Flask

Drown your sorrows with this flask available at Amazon.

15. Pug Notebook

Doggie treats: check. Chewable squeaky toys: check. An unlimited supply of kibble: er, we’ll work on that. Write down everything your pug desires in this delightful pug-covered notebook.

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Notebook

Get write (hint, hint, nudge nudge) on track with this notebook from NotOnTheHighStreet.

16. Infinity Pug

If scarves are seasonal and pugs are forever, then we believe this pug-covered infinity scarf has made a hole in the space-time continuum. Or in your wallet – either way, we think it’s rad!

Pug-licious Presents: Pug Infinity Scarf

Get then while they’re hot at Amazon.

17. Pugtastic Silhouette Necklace

Buy this stainless steel pug necklace for yourself and get your pug a collar with your face on it!  Nothing says: “I’m pug crazy” than having your pug on everything you own, and having your face all over your dog’s stuff (we don’t actually recommend that last part, though).

Pug-licious Presents: Pugtastic Silhouette Necklace

Available at Etsy.

18. Dancing Pug Tape

Once you get some of this tape, you’ll never go back to boring old Scotch brand! Imagine gift-wrapping, crafting and scrap booking, all with this amazing pug tape.

Pug-licious Presents: Dancing Pug Tape

Wrap it up at Amazon.