Squee Alert: Boxer Adopts Adorbs Baby Bird

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
A little bird told me that she has a new daddy! Pup becomes a dogfather after finding a baby bird and adopting it as his own.

It’s not every dog that would adopt a helpless bird they find, but for Rusty, a two-year-old boxer terrier, it was fatherhood at first sight. It’s a little strange to imagine a dog taking the bird in, but his incredibly kind nature lead to a wonderful new friendship with a feathery baby.

The baby bird was left abandoned in Jurgita Peciulaityte’s garden one afternoon by its bird parents. Peciulaityte suddenly heard her dog, Rusty, making strange noises in the garden as she worked in her home woodworking studio. Rusty’s bark was not hostile, just an alert to something strange it had found. When Peciulaitye decided to take a peek at Rusty’s discovery, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Rusty had found a small bird and barked anxiously for his owner to help. “That’s when I realized he’d found this baby bird,” Peciulaityte said. “He must have fallen out of a tree, so I picked him up and right away he opened his mouth, expecting me to feed him.”

The bird, now known as Birdie, became an instant member of the family. Rusty and Peciulaityte have dedicated themselves to making sure Birdie is happy and healthy, fastening him a home-made nest of twigs and feeding him bugs and worms like a mother bird would. Birdie appears to be thriving in their new home.

Birdie’s favorite savior, however, appears to have four legs, a wagging tail, and a huge heart. Rusty and the bird have become inseparable since their meeting. Birdie, having imprinted on Rusty, refuses to leave his side even for a moment. Rusty is more than happy to oblige his BFF, snuggling and grooming the bird. Rusty, a typical rambunctious pup, takes extreme care to treat the delicate bird correctly, nuzzling it softly and showing his knowledge that it is not a plaything. Rusty has really stepped up to the plate to become the father figure this little peep was missing in their life.

‘I’ve never in a million years expected he could be so gentle,” Peciulaityte told media outlets. “Rusty has been taking very good care of him. It’s somehow in his instinct to protect the bird and be his father in a way.”

The pair can be spotted relaxing together and getting into all sorts of adventures. Birdie loves to ride around perched on Rusty’s back, and the dog likes to go exploring with his small friend close by. The two friends will only be in each other’s company for a little while longer, as Peciulaityte understands that the bird is a feral animal that will need to return to it’s environment once it is strong enough. She is careful not to treat the bird as a pet, lest it becomes too acclimatised to human touch and interaction. At the end of the day, wild animals are wild animals and should be treated as such, but for now, a special bond between pup and bird has been fostered. It’s just too cute!

[Source: The Dodo]

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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