Squee Alert: Two Adorable Dogs Falling In Love Will Make Your Day [Video]

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Are you ready for the warm fuzzies?

Yep, that’s what we thought.

In just over a minute, you can watch Harvey, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Harmony, a dainty well-coiffed poodle, fall in love in this new commercial for Britain’s Thinkbox.

In the 30-second romantic tale, Harvey uses the power of TV advertising to try to convince his owner to let Harmony come live with them, showcasing a video of their love story. (It’s kind of an ad within an ad…clever people, those Brits!)

But honestly? It doesn’t really matter what the ad is for because the story is just THAT freaking adorable.

It’s rainy and gloomy outside the PetGuide offices today, but this definitely made our day a whole lot brighter!

So what are you waiting for? Click! Click!