New Book Featuring Little Kids and Their Big Dogs Cutest Thing Ever

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Russian photographer has a new book that features fabulous photos of the cutest little kids and their most adorable, furry and large canine buddies!

When Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff of St. Petersburg was asked to photograph the daughter of his good friends, he didn’t know they’d bring their Great Dane along. Not to let a prop like that go to waste, Seliverstoff took some pictures that also included the furry family member.

Seliverstoff has been a Great Dane owner for 20 years, and a professional dog show photographer. He said he was blown away watching the relationship between his friend’s 2-year-old daughter Alice and their enormous pooch, Sean. He never intended to include Sean, but couldn’t deny there was something special between the beauty and the beast.

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The photographer found the bond so incredibly drawing, he decided to create a series that was composed entirely of little children and big dogs–aptly titled, “ Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” (Revodana Publishing). At first, he had been posting the pictures on Instagram, but when he realized how far-reaching potential of the posts, he compiled the book for all to enjoy.

Seliverstoff said that he wasn’t focused on creating beautiful pictures; rather, he wanted to be sure to encapsulate the special interaction between the kids, sharing sheer joy and confidence rarely found in other relationships. He certainly did that, and the pictures are beautiful as well!

Here are a few of our faves:

These friends seem to be protecting the most delicious secret!

When a man’s gotta get away for some me-and-my-dog-time…

The snow and fur fly as these kiddos frolic with their pups!

Ummm… that little girl is about the cutest thing ever, and her pup is testifying!

He obviously thinks she is the best thing ever too!

The pack comes together for some pets and information sharing!

This could make even me, the hater of all things cold and snowy, melt! So much fun!

Follow Seliverstoff’s magic on his Facebook page or his Instagram, and buy the coffee table book on Amazon.
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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