SuperZoo 2018: Day 1 Wrap-Up

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
What a day! My feet are sore but I’m so excited about all the amazing stuff out there for pets… Especially all of the pet tech products that’ll be hitting the market.

At the Pet Tech Center Showcase, I was treated to a look into the fur-turistic future. Here are some of the coolest nerd must-haves for tech-savvy pet parents… they’ll all be hitting a pet store near you by Christmas (just so you know what to put on your list to Santa):

The Actijoy Buddy Pack is an IoT system that comes with a health and activity tracker, a set of WiFi food and water bowls, and an iOS/Android App based on machine learning. The Actijoy tracks a wide range of dog behavior and provides real-time data on a dog’s health for you and your vet.

Wagz Serve Smart Feeder: Make sure your dog is fed right no matter where you are with the Wagz Feeder. It delivers the right food to the right dog at the right time!

One of my favorite tech toys at the showcase is the iPet Robot moveable treat dispenser. This yellow robot on wheels gives you the ability to talk, hear, see, play, and gift your pet with a treat from anywhere in the world, from your photo. A WiFi enabled user friendly app comes with games and special effects, and lets you maneuver the robot to wherever you pet is.

The Petrics Smart Pet Bed System gives you full access to nutritional and behavioral data. It comes with climate control, built-in scale, universal activity tracker and mobile app so you can provide the best possible care and comfort to your pet.

Meet Cubey from JBJ Aquariums, the next generation in all-in-one aquariums. It features WiFi controllable LED lighting, so you can program your lighting to automatically ramp up or down with 10 different time inputs.

Holistic pet parents will love the Lumasoothe – this state-of-the-art low level light therapy device is a highly effective, portable, safe, and affordable home-use unit features two treatment modules: 1) joint and deep tissue therapy; 2) skin and hair therapy.

The bioCOMpet Home Pet Waste Composter provides gardeners with a source of rich, organic fertilizer made from pet or organic waste. Made from a durable, recyclable, lightweight and energy-efficient material, the bioCompet helps keep the heat in the unit to break down waste faster. With an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, you can produce fresh compost in just under two weeks.

The AquaPurr is the only cat-triggered countertop water fountain that never needs cleaning and never needs refilling. It easily connects to your faucet, so your cat can get fresh water whenever she wants it.

Petble smart tag and smart bowl combo is an all-in-one personalized health and lifestyle tech solution for your pet. The Petble app syncs with the bowl and tag to capture every detail of your pet’s life.

The smarter pet tag, Pawscout helps you find lost pets, record walks, and discover your neighborhood. It provides thousands of pet-friendly places to explore, connects you to your own community and offers your pet’s location in real time.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

Amy Tokic, Editor of, is a passionate animal lover and proud pet parent of Oscar, a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua cross, and Zed, a Japanese Chin. Her love of animals began in kindergarten, when she brought her stuffed dog Snoopy into class with her every day. Now, she writes about her adventures in pet ownership and tirelessly researches products, news and health related issues she can share with other animal enthusiasts. In her free time, Amy loves perusing used book and record stores, obsessing over the latest pet products available and chasing squirrels with wild abandon (a habit attributed to spending too much time with her pooches).

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