Wrap-Up of Global Pet Expo 2017 Day 1: Too. Much. Awesome!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The first day of the Global Pet Expo has been amazing! Way cool products, adorable puppies–so.much.fantabulous!

It’s a hard-knock life for this pet writer. Heading to Orlando, Florida to check out the hottest new pet products for 2017. Petting puppies, hobnobbing with reality TV stars, chowing down on delicious noms – and, of course, making a bit of time to get some work done.

Honestly… what is not to love about stuffed food for your pup? Zippy Paws showed off some of their fabulously fun NomNomz and I.could.eat.them.up!

Seriously– fouFit’s Freeze ‘n’ Float summer toys are going to be the bee’s knees for your pooch. I mean, a unicorn stuffy??? Come on!!

There are so many cool Farm-to-Table joints these days, but how about this? Farm To Market grooming products that are made with clean, natural ingredients. They smell fabulous and those bottles are gorgeous!

Y’all. What is a dog’s favorite treat? Cat poop, of course. Though, some prefer dog butt, and Larry’s Leftovers is most accommodating. Seriously, I had to giggle to see that while there is clearly a huge turn toward natural and organic products, Larry’s Leftovers went straight for what dogs say they like best. Arf, Arf, friends!

If your cat wants to be the coolest cat on the block, this Utra Neon cat litter will certainly put her there! Yes, it’s cat litter, but it’s cool cat litter, and just a lot of fun for your kitteh (and you)!

Who doesn’t want to kick back with their pet and a cold one? Now you can with Petwinery’s vitamin-enriched, organic (non-alcoholic, calm down!) drinks created especially for your pet. Whether your puss prefers Meowsling or Fido is a Dog Perignon fan, they’ve got you covered!

My sweet son is forever asking me to bake dog bones for my love, my Dixie Belle. I won’t lie–it seems like a laborious process, even if one of love. Hello…a product created just for me from The Lazy Dog Company. The treat kits you decorate at home will be a hit with my son.

Speaking of being a hit with my son…there’s a little story behind the sweet puppy face on the left. More to come!!!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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