SuperZoo 2018: Sleepypod Go Bag Makes Traveling With Fido A Breeze

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
SuperZoo showcases the best in the pet product industry, and we are loving that our favorite brands are introducing new products to their existing lines.

We adore SuperZoo because we see so many of our favorite products’ companies year after year. One we love is Sleepypod, a California company that is known for safe products to protect our furbabies. You’re probably already familiar with their popular Sleepypod pet carriers, and here at SuperZoo, they’ve debuted their new Sleepypod Go Bag for pet parents.

Be prepared for awesome-er.

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The Sleepypod Go Bag is obviously created for travel with pets, but it’s fantastic because it is made purposely with human ease in mind. How? Well, imagine you’re on the road overnight and you crash at a hotel with your pet. The Sleepypod Go Bag lets you keep your pet’s and your essentials in one place that you can easily grab and go. No more need for several bags per trip just to take your pet with you.

Michael Leung is the co-founder and lead product designer of Sleepypod and says that more pet-friendly hotels, attractions and even workplaces are making it easier and easier for pet travel to happen. That means that pet parents want and need convenient accessories that let them hit all those destinations easily.

The Sleepypod Go Bag does that, giving pet parents a simple way to gather and travel with all the essentials for a trip with their pets. Leung says that pet travel requires extra work on a pet parent’s part, so they want to make the travel planning as easy as possible to encourage more pet and human adventures.

The Sleepypod Go Bag is super easy for cross-body carrying, as well as an easy grab-and-go, handle for quickly moving around. There are two mini-packing cubes and an insulated food pouch for you and Fido to keep a lovely snack in, and additional side pockets for water bottles, smartphones or what-have-you. An extra utility ring is awesome for keeping a leash, bags or flashlight and then an exterior pocket gives easy access to things you need to quickly stash and get to.

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We especially love the interior pocket that lets you keep documents or your tablet/computer, as well as an interior lanyard for your keys. Essentially, the Sleepypod Go Bag keeps all the basics you need for travel with your pet at your fingertips–and without compromising durability as it’s made from luggage-grade nylon.

The bags will be available to pet parents on July 16, and will come in four classic colors: Jet Black, Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red and my favorite, Robin Egg Blue, and will retail for $79.99.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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