Kaytee Helps Hamsters Light It Up With New Products

PetGuide Staff
by PetGuide Staff
SuperZoo has tons for every pet, and we fell in love with some of Kaytee’s new products for our smallest friends. They’ve brought some new habitats and toys, and a Hamster Hammock!

Kaytee is well-known for its products for small animals and here at SuperZoo, they’re wowing us with some of their newest goodies for little creatures! They’ve designed new their new colorful CritterHomes in ‘Large’ and ‘Extra-large’ sizes–perfectly sized for guinea pigs or dwarf rabbits to call home. The large is 30″ x 18″ and great for single pets while the extra-large is 42″ x 18″ for pet ‘families.’

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Jason Casto, director of Pets International, Kaytee says the CritterHome sizes were made to give pets more room, while still being the fun and colorful habitats that customers have loved for their smaller pets.

And speaking of colors, these CritterHomes are cool! They are bright and transparent and we love that the round base comes off more easily so pet cleanup is a breeze. The rooftops and front doors are easy to get into but not easy for your little furball to get out because they are secured by Z-lock hatches. So, no late-night escapes for Hammie! They’ll retail for $99.95 for the large and $129.95 for the extra-large.

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Kaytee is also offering a mail-in rebate for up to $20 with the purchase of a CritterHome combined with Kaytee guinea pig or rabbit food, as well as some Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding to give your pet some comfy digs.

We really loved some of their other new offerings too–especially the free standing Hamster Hammocks! I mean, honest-to-goodness, who doesn’t think a hamster chillaxin’ is just the cutest thing ever? In addition to the hammock, they’re adding some cool tubes for hamster habitats. Our faves? The lazy lookout and the outhouse.

Yes, the outhouse. Because every small pet should have his own outhouse, right? We love the glow features, and we love that these products make being a small pet owner so much fun.

And seriously glow ball? Genius. Because those little suckers are fast and the LED lights will help keep you entertained and in the know (where your pet is) all the time!

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PetGuide Staff

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