SuperZoo Day 3–That’s A Wrap!

PetGuide Staff
by PetGuide Staff
Hard to believe today was the last day of SuperZoo! We always have tons of fun and have already started the countdown until next year! Until then, we’ve got a few more pics of some of our favorite SuperZoo magic!

If honest, we could spend every second of SuperZoo snapping pictures because there is just so much cool here! Cool people, cool products and our favorite–cool pets like Lucy Pet’s lovable Coppertone, rockin’ the gnarly surf board!

No SuperZoo is complete without our deliciously detailed, diva doggie friends Chloe and Lexie. Those girls are hell on wheels and know how to dress up for Vegas, right down to their pimped out stroller. Hey, in Vegas? Go big or go home!

This Oase BiOrb Terrarium is amazing. That sphere of gorgeous lets you grow exotic plants at just the climate they need because the BiOrb takes care of humidity, lighting, water and air circulation. Your own piece of paradise!

We always love visiting Cycle Dog to see what’s new. Their High Rollers are made from recycled materials and leave a small carbon footprint while giving your dog big loads of fun. The balls have squeakers, float and unpredictable bouncers that will keep your pet guessing, and now they’ve added a treat dispenser toy to the high roller line to make what was great even better!

Noble Pet Company had these these lavender pillows for dogs who experience stress. They smell divine and give soothing, calming aromatherapy to your pet. It’s like magic in a comfy little pillow!

So, here’s the deal. If you have a cat, and you need to take it anywhere, you have to take it in Catopia’s backpack/cat carrier. I mean, seriously. What kitteh doesn’t want to be an astronaut? Or, at the very least, look like one?

One of our favorite interactive pet monitors has stepped up its game! Pawbo has introduced the Pawbo+, which not only allows you to interact with your pet through an app on your mobile device, but it also lets you dispense treats to your well-deserving pet as a way to keep the connection going when you are apart. Adorable!

Messy Mutts knows that pets are messy and they’ve got awesome non-slip silicone products to help contain it. We love the treat pan and the water bottle covers!

Nandog always has stylish and comfy gear, and they’ve shared their uber comfy crown beds and new stuffies. Because what screams better dog toy animal than sloths and llamas? Super cute, plush and you know your dog will want to knock the smiles right off their adorable faces!

PetGuide Staff
PetGuide Staff

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