Survey Finds Young Adults Would Rather Buy Than Adopt A Dog

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Even with all the PSAs circulating that tout adoption as the most humane way to bring a dog into a household, it turns out that young adults would rather buy a pup.

The Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah, conducted a survey and found that young American adults would rather buy than adopt a dog. The survey found that 46 percent of people ages 18 to 34 were more likely to purchase a pet from a breeder or store rather than consider adoption. As well, the same percentage believed that shelter animals were less desirable than those obtained from breeders.

“We were sad to learn that to some extent animals in shelters are stereotyped by young adults as damaged goods,” said Gregory Castle, Best Friends Animal Society’s CEO and co-founder. “The fact is that every day in this country perfectly wonderful family pets land in shelters through no fault of their own, all of whom need and deserve a home of their own.”

The survey goes on to ask what respondents thought happened to animals left in shelters. Nearly 40 percent thought that homeless pets stayed in at a shelter into they were adopted. Not so – about four million cats and dogs are euthanized each year. It goes on to state that even though 90 percent considered themselves pet lovers and 86 percent believed that showing affection to a pet was very important, only 66 percent believed in regular veterinary check-ups and 65 percent thought pets should be spayed or neutered.

“The fact that people love pets, but one-third of those do not know the importance of vet checks and spaying/neutering indicates that we have more work to do in getting the word out there about the realities of adopting shelter pets,” said Castle.

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