The Sweetest Way to Celebrate National Therapy Animal Day- It’s A Pi

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
For the fourth year in a row, people rally to give thanks and show their appreciation for the amazing work therapy animals do every day.

To every pet parent, it’s obvious how four-legged companions change our lives for the better. But, for service and therapy animals, making lives better is something that they do every single day- it’s in their job description. These furry and feathery heroes are first to help people dealing with anxiety, grief or stress, such as the survivors of the Parkland shooting or victims of Hurricane Irma and Harvey. The least we can do in return is dedicate one day a year to honoring their effort.

Pet Partners, the largest non-profit registering therapy animals, has been organizing National Therapy Animal Day for the last four years, every April 30th. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for educating, screening, and registering thousands of therapy animal teams who, according to the organization’s data, make over three million life-enhancing visits each year. And it’s not only dogs who can offer all the benefits of human-animal bond; the organization registers cats, horses, rabbits, pigs, llamas and alpacas, birds, guinea pigs, and even rats. Each of these therapy animals has been vetted because of their extraordinary personalities and the ability to help people deal with difficult times.

What can you do to show your support? Well, you participate in Treats & Sweets Day, adequately dubbed as “the yummiest fundraising event of the year” by hosting a bake sale and donating the proceeds. If you’re not handy with a whisk and oven, you’re probably good at eating sweets, so you can always buy from fundraising bakers or simply donate directly to the organization.

Additionally, you can support this action on social media by using the National Therapy Animal Day profile photo frame on Facebook and sharing photos and posts using the hashtag to spread the word about the event and raise awareness about the importance of therapy animals.

Having in mind how much good therapy animals are doing for us, dedicating a day to celebrate them is the least we can do!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

A proud mama to seven dogs and ten cats, Angela spends her days writing for her fellow pet parents and pampering her furballs, all of whom are rescues. When she's not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book.

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