Take An Animal Adventure By Going On A Vacation That Helps Pets In Nee

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
How’s this for a vacation you’ll never forget – Destination Animal Sanctuary gives you the chance to spend a few days at the famous Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

According to online know-it-all Wikipedia, the word “paradise” refers to a place of timeless harmony; that perfect state that will be restored to the world one day down the line. Well, if that’s the case then Utah’s Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is definitely one step ahead of the curve because what they’ve created for lost and lonely creatures is surely paradise found.

The self-described “place of healing for homeless pets” was founded 30 years ago and is located among the region’s beautiful red rock canyons, just five miles north of Kanab – for those reaching for a map app, that’s just north of the Arizona state line. With approximately 1,700 animals of various shapes, sizes, and species calling it their temporary home, it’s the largest animal sanctuary in the U.S. and is open for tours, special events, and even camping! Wow, I’m already thinking s’mores over a campfire and under a starry sky…

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It gets better – they offer tours of sanctuary locales such as “dog town”, “cat world”, “horse haven”, “parrot garden”, and “bunny house”… as well as opportunities to adopt any of them as your next best friend. This is so cool!

Intrigued? Well Destination Animal Sanctuary – an adventure business that caters to that special breed of experiential explorer who loves animals, adventure and travel – is heading to Best Friends for a hands-on 3 day volun-tour that will get you up-close and personal with everything from the typical four-legged rescues to horses, and even pigs.

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The trip runs November 7 to 14, 2015 (8 days and 7 nights) and includes not only the Best Friends experience but a tour of three National Parks in and around Utah: the Majestic Zion National Park, historic Kanab Utah and the spectacular North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The price of $1999 per person may seem a bit pricey at first, but consider that it includes lodging; breakfasts; dinners; round-trip airfare; motorcoach transportation; and so much more. The trip is limited to 25 people, so you’ll want to book ASAP.

Tour organizer Jennifer Ross has visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a number of times over the past 10 years and as a result became committed to providing educational, fun and meaningful vacations for solos, couples and families. This particular excursion can only be made available to 25 travelers, so if you want to be able to say “been there, done that”, visit DestinationAnimalSanctuary.com for more details and to secure your place.

While it’s a bummer if you’ve already used up your vacay allotment for 2015, you can still visit Best Friend’s website for activities that take place closer to home and throughout the year such as their twice-yearly Pet Super Adoption event that happens in New York City and Los Angeles and places hundreds of critters from dozens of shelters into their forever homes. (Not to mention their Strut Your Mutt fundraiser which raises much needed cash to support local animal welfare groups.) These are just two of the lifesaving events Best Friends hosts in support of getting animals out of shelters and into the homes (and barns!) of animal lovers.

Still thinking about s’mores and “dog town”? Me too! So block some time next year, book your trip or pack your tent, and volunteer!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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