Top 10 Hotels That Offer “Suite” Pet Amenities

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You love your pets… but what do you do when you’re on vacation – away from your furkids – and you need some animal love? We’ve got a few travel destinations that will satisfy your cravings.


Say adios to room service, sayonara to turn-down and bid adieu to that over-priced minibar. Dogs are the “it” hotel amenity that leads the pack when it comes to meeting the needs of travelling pet parents who’ve had to leave the little guy at home. What… a loaner pooch!? Yep – it’s better than that free chocolate waiting for you on the pillow! And though we know he can’t replace your best buddy, he will provide some temporary relief from your separation anxiety and give you both a good workout in the process (so scrap the hotel exercise room). Here are some of the hotels that really get it when it comes to meeting your every need.