Top 10 Hotels That Offer “Suite” Pet Amenities

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
You love your pets… but what do you do when you’re on vacation – away from your furkids – and you need some animal love? We’ve got a few travel destinations that will satisfy your cravings.

Say adios to room service, sayonara to turn-down and bid adieu to that over-priced minibar. Dogs are the “it” hotel amenity that leads the pack when it comes to meeting the needs of travelling pet parents who’ve had to leave the little guy at home. What… a loaner pooch!? Yep – it’s better than that free chocolate waiting for you on the pillow! And though we know he can’t replace your best buddy, he will provide some temporary relief from your separation anxiety and give you both a good workout in the process (so scrap the hotel exercise room). Here are some of the hotels that really get it when it comes to meeting your every need.

Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah offers their Pound Puppy Hike that matches you to a homeless dog for your stay. Their concierge will direct you to the nearby Ivins Animal Shelter and you can pick your temporary soul-mate on a loaner basis. Take him for a stroll through the neighborhood or book him for the day and let him lead the way on a longer hike along one of the many scenic trails in the area.

At select Fairmont hotels it’s not just a bellhop welcoming you into the lobby. The luxury hotel chain introduced canine ambassador Morgan at their Vancouver property more than ten years ago and guest response was so positive they expanded the program to properties throughout the world. Guests can reserve the handsome “tour guides” to explore the ‘hood but be forewarned, their dance cards fill up faster than a bar stool at happy hour.

The Little Nell in Aspen will waive the usual hefty pet stay fee if guests decide to invite a lucky shelter dog to spend the night. Understanding that when you walk a dog you feel like part of the community, the hotel provides guests with free shuttle service to the shelter. But be aware, these happy surrogates are a hot commodity in the area and there can be a long wait list in the summer!

Even guests who stay at the posh Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch near Vail, Colorado have needs that go beyond the heated pool, ski concierge and spa services. Enter original resident canine, Bachelor who happily stirred his stumps for weekday hikes and snowshoe treks. But a stubborn streak means this big boy is on lobby patrol for a while and Bernese Mountain Dog, Belle will replace him on leash duty. Still “in training” Belle will be ready for hikes in the near future and while her trail expertise is free, guests are encouraged to make a donation to local Eagle County Humane Society.

Across the pond, Russell B&B near London lets guests cuddle on the sofa in the lounge area along with Reggie the whippet. For those who can’t imagine settling down in front of the tube without a dog on their lap and a muzzle nuzzle, Reggie is happy to oblige. The residence is a retro take on the traditional bed and breakfast, decorated with pieces spanning the last hundred years and of course the requisite sofa surfing hound.

At the Vintage Inn in Yountville, California resident felines Maya, Louie and George can often be talked into sitting on your lap or letting you scratch their head. Can’t fall asleep without your little gal pal curled on the pillow beside you? You can also book any one of them to keep you company in your guestroom at no charge.

Looking for that perfect souvenir, are you? Look no further than the Aloft hotel in downtown Asheville, North Carolina where local shelter dogs welcome incoming guests wearing an “adopt me” vest. The pups are part of a hotel-shelter program where one dog at a time is chosen to greet guests, be available for walks, for cuddles or for adoption by smitten guests. Happily, placement of shelter dogs has doubled since the hotel got involved.

At the century-old Island City House Hotel in Key West, Florida, the in-house felines are so famous a book was written about them titled, The Island City House Cats. Included in the menagerie is Mr. Toes, a handsome “Hemingway” cat that can be lured out for a cuddle by the promise of treats. And a must-do for any cat lover visiting Key West is Ernest Hemingway’s former abode now permanent home to over 40 polydactyl cats (yep, six toes).

Travelling abroad this summer? Hotel Le Bristol is one of Paris’ best-known luxury hotels, close to Avenue Montaigne and Champs Elysees. In spite of its ooh-la-la style, visitors enjoy the homey appeal of the hotel’s two resident cats roaming the lobby and looking for a cuddle. Adopted in 2010, Fa-raon’s popularity with guests missing their felines became too much for him to handle on his own, so Kléopatre was added to the lobby line-up in 2014.

Not the cuddling type? Guests at Kimpton’s Hotel Monacos can book a loaner goldfish! Seriously! Their “Guppy Love” program started in 1997 as a fun amenity available for purchase. Fast forward and the popular offer is now complimentary, providing guests with a live goldfish to keep them company during their stay. Each hotel has a central tank and an aquatic specialist who monitors water conditions with housekeeping staff tending to the wet pets’ needs.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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