The Barking Garage Parks Your Dog While You Shop

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
It’s hard to believe that people still leave their dogs in hot cars while they shop. But The Barking Garage has a solution – it’s a mobile, air-conditioned trailer for dogs!

These days most gyms offer a daycare type of service for busy moms trying to squeeze in a work-out. Why? Because life gets busy and if we can deposit junior somewhere safe and fun for an hour or two while we run around (literally), our now guilt-free day becomes that much more productive.

Well, this was the same thought process that crossed the mind of Mary Traverse of Austin, Texas when she developed The Barking Garage. The retrofitted cargo trailer includes air conditioning, running water and individual dog crates, and is being piloted at her local plaza – the Gateway Shopping Center. It seems to provide the perfect solution to busy pet parents who have to choose between schlepping Rover through the electronics department or leaving him at home for the day. Notice that I’m not including “leave him in the car” as an option.

Her long-term vision is to see these large, mobile, climate-controlled kennels set up in shopping mall parking lots across the country. Particularly in areas with a high rural population, where a trip into town can be an all-day event and mean that your pooch is left to his own devices for a lengthy stretch of time.

And we all know how badly things can end when our little guys decided to entertain themselves.

Pricing is comparable to a baby-sitter; $10 per hour for smaller dogs and $14 for larger dogs, and each pooch is safely housed in the cool comfort of his own crate. Travers says, “It’s really useful if you live outside of town – like me – and are faced with either leaving your dog home alone all day, or not going to the grocery store when you’re in town.”

While she’s trying to build up her business in Austin initially, Traverse is optimistic that once it gains acceptance, it will be a no-brainer to roll out across the state and ultimately nationally.

I’m thinking that in warm weather areas that are mall crazy – such as Florida – this type of service should be made available in every parking lot.

[Source: Huffington Post]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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