Secret to Long Dog Life Revealed: It’s Being Spoiled Rotten!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A 23-year-old pooch in the United Kingdom is doing his best to stay with his family as long as he can. His dad says it’s love and loyalty that’s kept him with them for so long.

It’s so hard for elderly dogs to get adopted sometimes. Such was the plight of then 16-year-old Charlie back in 2010, when he found himself surrendered at the Dogs Trust shelter in the United Kingdom. His owners didn’t want him anymore, as their grandchild was about to be born, and Charlie found himself homeless.

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When Stuart Smith and his wife Kim came to the shelter looking for a new fur family member, they weren’t exactly looking for a senior dog. But Smith says that when they saw him, they knew he was theirs. There was just something about his eyes that told the couple he was a special dog.

Not knowing how much time they’d have with Charlie, the Smiths took him and spoiled him rotten. Smith says that Charlie loves all the creature comforts of cozy beds and yummy foods and treats, but mostly, he loves the lavishly applied love and affection he is given.

And Smith says that’s just got to be the reason that Charlie is still going strong, seven years later, at 23-years-old. One of the oldest living dogs in the United Kingdom, Charlie still enjoys short walks and the company of his fur siblings (and though elderly themselves, young in comparison!) 12-year-old Lucy and Zack. Smith says that though Charlie doesn’t get around quite like he used to, he and his wife will carry him up hills so he can still enjoy fresh country air.

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While Charlie has several years to go before he tops Guinness World Record holder Bluey, who lived to be 29-years-old, the Smiths say that they’ll spend all the time they have loving him and giving him the happiest home they can possibly give. Though they rescued him, it’s clear the joy he brings them is returned ten-fold!

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