Michigan Dog Receives Eligibility Letter For Unemployment Benefits

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
You might have heard everything after you read this–a man in Saugatuck, Michigan, says he’s received a letter from the state granting his dog unemployment benefits.

That’s right…while the American Congress squabbles over whether or not it can even keep the government up and running, the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency has decided that a dog from Saugatuck, Michigan is may be eligible for unemployment rights.

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Michael Haddock is an attorney in Saugatuck and he says he was surprised to see the letter, addressed to Michael Ryder. His last name is obviously Haddock, and his dog’s name is Ryder, and he said he got a good laugh from the letter.

He posted his surprise on Facebook, telling readers that the letter claims his dog qualifies for $360 a week. Haddock says that he’s not sure what Ryder will do with the money, but his guess is that it will be interesting.

When asked what Ryder might be entitled to the money for, he said he knew Ryder was clever, but he had no idea just how clever he apparently really was!

The employer listed on the eligibility letter was from a restaurant chain in a metro Detroit area, and the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) said they’ve created a special investigation unit as there’s been a rise in ‘fake claims.’

Haddock doesn’t even know if there is a real “Michael Ryder” but if there is, it is quite the coincidence.

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The UIA says that though they did send the letter, it had been flagged as a suspicious claim and would not have made it past the next step in the process. Since that initial letter, the agency has sent another letter to Haddock, denying the claims for Ryder. Tim Kolar, an investigator with the UIA says that the agency also found the letter humorous, and a testament to what people will go through for fake claims. That said, the agency recognizes that man’s best friend rarely adds any financial help to the family pot, and Ryder will not be entitled to any money.

Poor Ryder. Looks like he’ll just have to go back to relying on his good looks, sloppy kisses and undying love to pay his bills!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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