The Urge To Accessorize Our Dogs

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We love to dress up our dogs. It could be as simple as a snazzy collar or a cute bow. It could be for practical reasons, such as hiking gear or a sweater in colder weather. Or it could be as over the top as a tuxedo and dress for a doggy wedding or a diamond-studded leash for a red carpet event. No matter where you fall in the range of accessorizing, we all have our reasons… and it’s a trend that’s not going away any time soon.

As pet parents who choose to accessorize our dogs, you get a lot of flack from people who just don’t get it. Many say that it’s silly, a waste of money. But to us, that’s not the case. It’s a way to show the world what we see every day – a one-of-a-kind personality that deserves to stand out.

I admit that I get wide-eyed when I see my favorite dog boutique launch their season line of accessories. I want to whip out my credit card and go to town. By some strange miracle, I usually walk out with just an item or two, and nothing that Oscar would be embarrassed wearing.

For the most part, these purchases have to do with winter weather. Sweater, jackets and booties are not just fashion statements; they’re essentials to ensure our cold weather walks are as comfortable as possible. But don’t get me wrong – these dog clothes are awww-inspiring. A faux-fur lined parka; an orange and brown preppie argyle sweater; color-coordinated winter boots. I walk a thin line of practical and dog fashionista. And I’m not ashamed to dress my dog or spend the money it takes to outfit him in style.

With Halloween around the corner, I’ve been delighted to see such a wide array of costumes available for our dogs. It brings such happiness to everyone who gets to see your furry hotdog or devil. And as long as your dog doesn’t mind wearing it, I don’t see the problem with dressing your dog for Halloween. Let those Halloween hum-buggers shake their head in disgust with our frivolous festivities. I think that the happiness our accessorized dogs bring to us and those around us far outweigh the negative hype.

I’d like to hear where you stand on the subject of accessorizing your dog. Do you do it? How far do you go? Do you dress up your dog just on special occasions, such as Halloween? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.