These Amazing Portraits Show Owners Look Like Their Dogs… Or Is It the Other Way Around?

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The age-old theory that couples look alike, especially as they age, is not only reserved for married people. Dogs and their owners can often look like each other- and it’s not just a common myth, but a science-backed theory. Even if you don’t always see the similarity at the first glance or if you just can’t put your finger on what leaves the impression that the pooch and their pawrent are look-alikes, chances are you know at least a few cases like this. Well, Gerrard Gethings, an animal portrait photographer, managed to perfectly capture those uncanny similarities between fur babies and their humans.

Photographer captures similarities between dogs and their owners.

The series of 50 photographs pairs canines of all breeds with their respective owners, in order to highlight their shared traits. And it’s not just about those things that are visually alike in the human-dog duos, but about character, as well.

Series of portraits matches dogs and their owners for a memory game.

In some portrait, you can just see how the owner and their dog get along like peas and a pod, and that the personality of their four-legged companions mirrors their own in some aspects.

The theory that dogs look like owners is confirmed in these extraordinary photographs.

Gethings was long fascinated by the incredible beauty in our planet’s fauna. This time, however, his inspiration wasn’t fueled by the exotic reptiles and lizards or the impressive world of birds. The talented photographer came up with the brilliant idea for this photoshoot sitting in a park, when he spotted the fun similarities dogs seemed to share with their owners.

There are 25 pairs of dogs and owners that should be matched to one another.

And, I have to say, he really does have a great eye. He managed to arrange the portraits in such a way that there’s no doubt which furball belongs to which human. However, it might not be as easy to match them, once they’re shuffled in the deck.

Gethings managed to arrange the portraits in such a way that there’s no doubt which furball belongs to which human.

Yup, you heard that right. The stunning series of photographs that depict dogs and their respective owners is, in fact, a memory game. The 25 pairs need to find their way back to each other, even once you mix them all up with their faces down. A great game to spend the afternoon with your kids… or by yourself, enjoying the undeniable artistry behind the portraits on the cards.