Thousands Honor Canine Victim of Terrorist Attack in Sweden

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
After last week’s terrorist attack in Sweden, many mourners left a touching tribute to Iggy, a canine who lost his life in the senseless tragedy.

Last Friday, a man allegedly hijacked a truck and mowed into a busy crowd of people in Stockholm, killing four people and injuring 15 others. The suspect is in custody, and thousands of Swedes have joined together to pay tribute to those lost and injured in the apparent terrorist attack.

(Photo credit: Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary)

Alongside the humans, one of the precious lives lost was Iggy, a rescue dog from Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary in Dublin, Ireland. As citizens from across Sweden and the world have come to the site of the incident to pay their respects, one man noticed that there was nothing memorializing Iggy. Markus Krantz and his girlfriend went back to the site in order to leave a few things for Iggy, just to show he also was remembered. Krantz left a collar that had belonged to Ebba, his rescue dog who passed last year.

(Photo credit: Markus Krantz)

Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary was grateful that their special boy had been remembered, and asked Krantz if he could also leave a card for Iggy from them, with their condolences. The rescue group also posted a memorial on their Facebook page, encouraging Iggy to run free with his dog friends.

Krantz said he took a picture for his mom, and that once it went online, the love for Iggy spread like wildfire.

In fact, candles, treats, stuffed animals, and flowers arrived to memorialize sweet Iggy, who was rehomed in Sweden in 2012. The Swedish group Hundarutenhem works with Dogs Aid and rescues Irish shelter dogs in order to find them forever homes in Sweden. Thousands of people began posting their own honorings on the Dogs Aid Facebook thread; the touching pictures have spread across the globe, as the Swedish people stand in their resolve to remain a strong and resilient city.

We will remember you, Iggy. May your crossing over the Rainbow Bridge bring you peace.


Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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