Three-Legged Dog Serves as the Perfect Ring Bearer

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
One man’s desire to give his bride a special surprise left the guests in tears of happiness as they watched a special ring-bearer walk down the aisle!

David Michel’s bride-to-be Jenny loved animals. Michel loves Jenny, so he asked his friend for a special guest to appear at their wedding in New York.

Tod Emko is Michel’s friend, and has a rescued dog named Piggy. Michel wanted Emko to bring Piggy, and for Piggy to have a very important job–that of ring bearer. Emko co-founded Darwin Animal Doctors, which is an organization that rescues and helps sick and/or injured animals. Piggy was one of those animals–in fact, Emko rescued Piggy in 2009 from the Dominican Republic. Piggy had been hit by a bus, and a group of visiting vets was able to amputate Piggy’s leg and save his life.

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Emko and his friend Andrea Gordon adopted Piggy, flew him to New York and certified him as a therapy dog and companion animal educator for Darwin Animals Doctors. Piggy’s remarkable recovery and life astound all who know him.

Including Michel’s fiance Jenny. She also wanted to have something special for her wedding day, and it turns out that great minds think alike. Jenny had asked Emko to help her surprise her fiance with Piggy as well, just a few hours after Michel originally asked!

The lovebirds figured out they’d wanted the same thing–to surprise each other with Piggy as ring-bearer–and knew it was meant to be. Piggy didn’t let a missing leg take away from his commitment as the best ring-bearer ever, and he did a lovely job obeying commands and being serious about the very important job he had. The couple was overcome with emotion, and so were the guests!

Piggy stayed for the reception, of course, where he showed everyone how a three-legged-dog could really break it down, and he had the guests in love with his sweet eyes and personality.

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Piggy also visits New York City schools and libraries to help teach about humane treatment animals, and if you’re in the area and would like a visit with Piggy, you can contact him at Darwin Animal Doctors!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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