Toddler’s Love Affair With Giant Poodles is the Cutest Thing Ever

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A Japanese grandmother’s pictures of her one-year-old granddaughter and her furry BFFs are giving the Internet full blasts of adorable sunshine as she shows how special the bond between the pups and their girl is.

Instagram user Tamanegi.qoo.riku (also known as ‘Onion’)’s granddaughter Mame is about as cute as they come. But when paired in photographs with Grandma’s Giant Standard Poodles Gaku, Qoo and Riku, Mame lights up with the exuberance and joy that can only come from a toddler clearly in love with her puppies. Poodles love posing with their little girl

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Mame has a special bond with Rikunaku, or Riku, and they have the best adventures together. It’s obvious that she adores the dogs, as every picture with them shows the most brilliant smile.

And it’s pretty clear they adore her too, as they take care of her as our pups are known to do so well.

They love to pose for pictures together…A little girl loves her poodles

And they love to play dress-up together!

A little girl and her poodle love to dress alike

Bike riding is always more fun when they’re together…

A little girl and her poodle love being together, even bike riding

…and it doesn’t matter whether they are on or off the trampoline! As long as they’re with each other, they are happy!A little gilr loves being with her dog so much they even play on the trampoline together.

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Picking out bedtime stories is the best!

A little girl and her poodle pick books out together

But so is nap time together!Naptime is better with your furry best friend!

Every day things like hanging out with the fam are better when in your best pal’s arms…A poodle loves his little girl and loves to be around her!

And let’s just face it…everything’s better with your furry best pal!

Life is fuller for a little girl and her poodle when they are together