Top 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Perfect for compact spaces (including purses) itsy, bitsy, lil pooches are as adorable as they are portable. If you’re looking for a pint-sized pooch, try these miniature dog breeds on for size!

Some people like a big ol’ dog. You know the type. Hefty and hearty. About the size of a roommate, only with more hair and less likely to lock you out of the bathroom. Other people are hoping for a dog that takes up less space in their lives. A dog that they can fit into the palm of their hand rather than in the back of their pickup truck. A dog that an owner can take anywhere they please.

Fortunately for those who just can’t bear to be away from their pooch, there’s a dog breed for that. He’s super portable and loves to travel in a tote bag, snuggle up on a welcoming lap and better yet, his mini stature means he can’t reach kitchen counters. Yes, these top 10 best miniature dog breeds are great for families, kids, single and seniors. And while they may never terrorize a burglar, they’ll sure let you know when danger – or the mailman – is near. They tend to at least have big voices, even if nothing else is big. So, if you’re in the market for a dog that can fit in your pocket, we humbly suggest bringing home one of the following ten pups. (Photo credit: DmyTo/Bigstock)

10. Pomeranian

Let’s start with the quintessential miniature breed: our old friend the Pom. Known for his lion-like mane, this spirited little guy is high energy and loves to run, play, boss the cat around, and nod off on a willing lap. Originating in Germany, this mini spitz can reach heights of 11 inches (at shoulder) and weigh up to 7.5 pounds (minus the cute outfit). These smart little dogs are active, so it is necessary to give them exercise daily, such as in the form of walks or heavy play session. Even though they are generally friendly, these pups do sometimes think that they’re bigger than they are, so they do have quite a bit of courage, even around larger dogs. On top of that, Pomeranians can even make good watchdogs because they will bark to let you know that something is amiss. The only problem is that they might take their barking too far, to the point that it becomes excessive, so take this into consideration if you live close to your neighbors, such as in an apartment. So, while these dogs fit well into compact spaces, not all small spaces are right for them. (Photo credit: Ksuksa/Bigstock)

9. Cairn Terrier

Run Toto, run! Yes that famous little dog who trekked the yellow brick road was none other than a hardy little Cairn terrier. Strong enough to stand up to an evil witch, but small enough to conveniently fit into a basket, this popular pup is iconic for a reason! While wee in height, this little lad was bred in Scotland to hunt vermin so probably not ideal for households with small pets who won’t appreciate the chase. He stands 13 inches tall and can weigh up to 16 pounds. This breed can be described as adaptable, smart, and loyal, as well as really active. You will need to be sure that your dog is given plenty of opportunities throughout the day to let out his energy in a positive way. Also, these pooches might bark excessively, so that is something else that you should think about, especially if you would prefer to have a quiet canine. Feisty little dogs, Cairn Terriers are not going to be the right pooch for you if you are in search of a lap dog. But if you want a pup that is always ready for action, and who has a cheerful personality, this small canine will not disappoint. Whereever the Cairn terrier goes, smiles tend to follow. (Photo credit: cynoclub/Bigstock)

8. Miniature Dachshund

Gotta love a wiener dog! This is one of our favorite miniature dog breeds for obvious reasons. Just look at that little guy! How could anyone possibly resist a Miniature Dachshund?! Another vermin hunter, this adventurous little pooch with the stubby legs is highly affectionate and loves to hunt, dig, and play (they are especially fond of a good game of chase). This smaller sized version of the German-bred dachshund weighs in around 11 pounds and while we don’t like to talk height… his is just below 7 inches. Like many of the dogs on this list, the weiner dog can be a bit yappy, so proper training and socialization from an early age is important. (Photo credit: Brusnikaphoto/Bigstock)

7. Yorkshire Terrier

Ah yes, the Yorkie. This is another must have for our miniature dog breeds list! A classic pocket-sized pooch guaranteed to bring joy wherever his tiny legs carry him. His larger than life personality makes this tiny terrier a great companion pooch while his diminutive stance means he isn’t just pocket sized, he’s practically wallet size! Native to Yorkshire, England the Yorkie’s confident persona ably makes up for his 6-7 inch height. Typically weighing about 7 pounds, a porky Yorkie can grow up to 15 pounds. Tiny, lovable, and easy to please, the Yorkie is beloved for a reason. (Photo credit: Pelana/Bigstock)

6. Toy Poodle

Ooh la la, this clever little native of France was bred back in the early 1700s to perform tricks and work in circuses. Today, this still entertaining and active pooch is more often seen in the role of therapy dog. The biggest trick the perform these days is their ability to melt hearts at 100 yards. Derived from the Standard poodle, this clever, gentle pup stands up to 15 inches tall and weighs up to 17 pounds. A classic toy pup who has remained an iconic symbol of canine cuteness for centuries, no list of miniature dogs would be complete without the toy poodle. (Photo credit: Pelana/Bigstock)

5. Pekingese

This native of China dates back more than 2,000 years and hasn’t mellowed with age! A feisty little pooch with a stubborn streak, the Peke is extremely loyal and loving to his owner, but not a big fan of kids and other pets. He’s a great companion dog but might not agree to ride in your tote. He stands 9 inches and weighs up to 14 pounds. Dignified and aloof, the Pekingnese could even make a good watchdog, despite his small size. He will bark to alert you when he thinks something is wrong. Overall, you can expect these little dogs to be smart and devoted, with a bit of independence mixed in. Just be patient while training this sometimes stubborn pooch so that you will be able to get those great results that you are looking for. With proper socialization (especially early on during those impressionable puppy days), the Pekingese will make a wonderful companion who is comfortable around everyone he meets. (Photo credit: Julia_13/Bigstock)

4. Papillon

Looking like one big fluffy butterfly, these tiny pooches date back to Europe in the 1500s making them one of the oldest toy spaniel breeds around. This clever, spirited pooch is one mighty mini, often used as a watchdog (this pup falls into the “bark is worse than his bite” category) to alert his owners. He can tip the scales at 10 pounds and stands 11 inches. Generally, you can expect a Papillon to be a happy, alert, and smart little dog who is outgoing, yet also loves spending time sitting in your lap. A nice blend of calm and fun, these energetic pooches are described as lively and social, getting along with other canines, as well as other pets, such as cats. They even enjoy playing with animals that are bigger than they are, despite their small size. As is the case with other petite dog breeds, however, you should keep an eye on your pooch while he is playing with other animals or with kids in order to reduce the risk of harm to your little companion. These are fragile little pups after all, and they need to be treated with the love and care that they deserve. Eager to please, you will not be disappointed by the Papillon, which can even make a wonderful therapy dog. (Photo credit: KariDesign/Bigstock)

3. Miniature Schnauzer

Described as both spunky and friendly, this mini version of the German-bred Schnauzer is a great family pet in spite of being used as an ominously named “ratter” back in the 19th century. Yes, this dog has a history of taking out rats. However, that was a long time ago. Now the only thing that the Miniature Schnauzer will capture is your heart and all that he’s likely to catch is a tossed ball or Frisbee. This wee bearded pooch with the loving nature weighs up to 18 pounds and stands 14 inches. He’s a tiny boy with a big heart who is destined to become the star of any home. (Photo credit: otsphoto/Bigstock)

2. Shih Tzu

Like flowers? This little tyke is known as the Chrysanthemum dog and is thought to originate in ancient Tibet. In those ancient times, these dogs were so beloved that they were considered special gifts that deserved to be honoured and they still warrant that level of devotion to this day. This confident companion pooch is highly affectionate with people and other pets and loves to play as much as he loves to snooze on a welcoming lap. Fully grown, he’ll stand up to 11 inches and weigh up to 16 pounds. Described as happy, friendly, and lively, these little dogs are a great choice for anyone who is in search of a social canine who will get along with anyone, including other dogs. Super sweet and ultra cute, the Shih Tzu is a breed that prefers being around people, so you can expect to have a loyal companion with you around the house and out and about. These pups have a tendency to seduce everyone that they meet and you will be no exception. (Photo credit: chaoss/Bigstock)

1. Chihuahua

The last on our list of miniature dog breeds, this tiny Mexican import is one hot tamale when it comes to delivering big dog attitude in a small dog package. There’s a reason why loving this dog is the only thing that Taco Bell and Paris Hilton can agree on. There are dogs in this world that make humans squeal with delight quite like the Chihuahua. There are some downsides though. He’s got a lot to say and is not shy about barking it. However, his winning andsassy nature has seen him toted by the likes of Sharon Osbourne. He stands less than 10 inches with a weight of around 6 pounds. There is no miniature dog out there quite like the Chihuahua and no other pooch who could possibly top this list. (Photo credit: oksun70/Bigstock)

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