Top 10 Cuddly Fluffy Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
We like big fluff and we cannot lie! What’s not to like – there’s just more pup to hug. Check out our picks for our top 10 fluffy dog breeds.

Pull out the hoover and grab your lint roller; we’re about to talk fluff! Not the soft and cuddly puppy-dog fuzz type that disappears when your pooch gets older. This is hard core fluff that grows with your best bud, fills the lint trap, produces tumbleweeds the size of melons and qualifies him to make our list of top ten fluffy dog breeds.


Let’s give credit where credit is due; the poodle is without question the granddaddy of all things puff. What’s remarkable about this fluffy boy is that he’s renowned for being low-shedding. So you get the soft, cuddly fur-ball, but without the clean-up grief. (Photo credit: Sergiy1997/Bigstock)


Now this little guy’s a real yowza when it comes to fluff! These feisty mini lap dogs can be super wilful when it comes to getting their own way but let’s face it; who wouldn’t have an edge when your breed nickname is Pom-Pom? (Photo credit: Fayzulin Sergey/Bigstock)

Chow Chow

When your AKA is “puffy-lion dog” you just have to know that words like fluff, fuzz and furry are going to be key descriptors. Securing his place in our fluffy dog breeds list is this big boy’s super dense fur even forms a ruff or mane around his neck that turns him into one big fluffy lion wannabe. (Photo credit: Garosha/Bigstock)

Bearded Collie

Well the name just says it all, doesn’t it? To be honest, these super intelligent herding dogs seem to have a long, overall body-beard with a little extra hanging down from the chin. Yes, this fluffy, playful breed is the reason vacuum cleaners were invented. (Photo credit: Zuzule/Bigstock)

Bichon Frise

You may think “light socket” when you see this little guy bathed and fully blown-dry. It’s absolute fluff-central when this mini mutt’s looking his best and because he is the lap dog of lap dogs, lint rollers are a must. (Photo credit: f8grapher/Bigstock)


This big boy is perfect for the all-white home! Failing that, strategically placed throws can help keep fluff at bay. This pooch’s seriously thick double coat tends to repel dirt and water so always looks full, downy and immaculate – even on your floors and sofa. (Photo credit: Koljambus/Bigstock)

Shetland Sheepdog

AKA, the Sheltie, this classic long-haired lassie has fluff with a purpose. She was bred to herd sheep in the Shetland Islands due north of chilly Scotland. These days, that soft downy coat is simply cast aside when spring arrives. Yes, fluffy tumbleweed will abound. (Photo credit: huettenhoelscher/Bigstock)

Old English Sheepdog

This iconic looking pooch has a kind of crazed fluff thing going on. His typically long, relaxed locks turn to super-fuzz when he’s been bathed and blow-dried and are magically tamed to fuzzy fluff when he’s been groomed and shaved for the summer. A fluff chameleon. (Photo credit: Nosnibor137/Bigstock)


Believe it or not, this super-fluffy pint-sized pooch is nick-named the Lion Dog because of his resemblance to Chinese guardian lion statues. So natch you’ll want to opt for the “lion cut” so popular with this breed and designed to accentuate his fluff and ferocity! (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Bigstock)


One look at the fluffy Keeshond and it’s hard to believe he ever sheds. He does! This great-natured boy is simply fluff-and-puff-a-rama with a full, plumed tail and thick mane of fur around his neck that frames his little fox face. (Photo credit: skeptic/Bigstock)

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