Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs

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If you’ve got no time for drama, stick to one of these low maintenance dogs!


In our busy lives, it’s easy to see why many people gravitate toward low maintenance dogs. And the term “low maintenance” can encompass a variety of attributes: grooming, training, exercise, or independence. When it came to our Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs, we included pooches that touched on all of these aspects. Our intent is to give you a well rounded and balanced list of laid back dogs that don’t need as much attention when it comes to the things you may not have time for. Life with a four legged companion can definitely be easier with one of these reliable breeds! Still, it is crucial to remember that even low maintenance puppers will require your care and attention – even if they don’t need much fussing over.

Low maintenance doesn’t mean you should neglect your furry friend! Instead, it lets you know that their character, and their natural needs are not so particular or high demanding – their simple tendencies and a patient, friendly demeanor will result in less potential issues and a simpler lifestyle. With occasional grooming, moderate walking and playing, and a regular diet, these dogs will be quite content. Most of these breeds love to just snooze about the house, and that gives you some much needed peace of mind. (Photo credit: Vladimir Solovyev/Bigstock)