Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
If you’ve got no time for drama, stick to one of these low maintenance dogs!

In our busy lives, it’s easy to see why many people gravitate toward low maintenance dogs. And the term “low maintenance” can encompass a variety of attributes: grooming, training, exercise, or independence. When it came to our Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs, we included pooches that touched on all of these aspects. Our intent is to give you a well rounded and balanced list of laid back dogs that don’t need as much attention when it comes to the things you may not have time for. Life with a four legged companion can definitely be easier with one of these reliable breeds! Still, it is crucial to remember that even low maintenance puppers will require your care and attention – even if they don’t need much fussing over.

Low maintenance doesn’t mean you should neglect your furry friend! Instead, it lets you know that their character, and their natural needs are not so particular or high demanding – their simple tendencies and a patient, friendly demeanor will result in less potential issues and a simpler lifestyle. With occasional grooming, moderate walking and playing, and a regular diet, these dogs will be quite content. Most of these breeds love to just snooze about the house, and that gives you some much needed peace of mind. (Photo credit: Vladimir Solovyev/Bigstock)

Bullmastiff: Even though this breed is hefty can look somewhat intimidating, the Bullmastiff can boast a true low maintenance personality. As they are slim, tall, and powerfully built, these dogs don’t need a great deal of daily exercise in order to stay in shape, and their short coats require minimal grooming. Even though these dogs can be low energy, they do enjoy agility training, so offer them a chance to productively spend some excess energy from time to time. Of course, providing a proper, balanced diet is of utmost importance as well.

French Bulldog: The French Bulldog’s popularity is growing, especially in urban areas. We think it has something to do with their low maintenance lifestyle. This little fella was actually developed as a companion pet, so he has fairly low needs for exercise. French Bulldogs do require a daily walk, but aside from that they will be more than happy to spend the rest of the day lazing around the house. You shouldn’t be surprised to see your Frenchie snoozing around for a good part of the day – and if you are busy in the house, that’s a win win situation. (Photo credit: Eduard Vivsik/Bigstock)

Great Dane: You’d think that one of the biggest dogs in stature would take a lot of work to keep happy, healthy and well groomed. Well, you’d be wrong. The Great Dane is chill and lazy. He would rather snooze on the couch than chase a ball in the backyard. Plus, his short haired coat makes it easy to keep him looking his best, with just minimal touch ups required. The only part of the care that requires extra attention is diet – a Great Dane requires good food and balanced amounts of it. (Photo credit: Wild Geese/Bigstock)

Bulldog: Contrary to both their looks and popular belief, this breed is known for having a gentle demeanor and for being incredibly patient with children. Bulldogs are a medium sized breed with short fur and wrinkled skin – nothing about the way they look screams “high maintenance”. And their friendly character tells us the same thing. This breed has a natural desire to please its owner, but they can be a little stubborn at times if they don’t feel like doing something. Small amounts of play time, minimal grooming, and plenty of snoozing – the true low maintenance lifestyle. (Photo credit: Laures/Bigstock)

Shih Tzu: Another low maintenance dog breed that was developed as a companion pet, the Shih Tzu doesn’t have particularly high needs for exercise. The popular choice for singles and families alike, this little breed is smart and loyal, though they can be a little strong willed at times. Though these dogs don’t need a lot of exercise their long coats do require brushing, unless you choose to get him shaved every three or four months. Their small size might make them a bit energetic, but they will also happily snooze throughout their day. So, beside the occasional trip to the groomers, there isn’t a lot you need to do for your little Shih Tzu. (Photo credit: MeePoohyaphoto/Bigstock)

Australian Cattle Dog: This medium sized breed is fairly active (after all, he was originally bred as a herding dog). Aside from their exercise needs, the Australian Cattle Dog is a fairly low maintenance dog breed. Loyal, tough, and serious in character, this is not a breed to always have you on your toes. Also, this breed has a short coat that only requires occasional brushing. And best of all, the Australian Cattle Dog is a hardy breed, which means health problems and surprise visits to the vet will be quite infrequent. An all-round well balanced breed that can make a loyal and loving pet with minimal maintenance. (Photo credit: cynoclub/Bigstock)

German Shorthaired Pointer: Another active breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer has a short coat that sheds little and is easy to groom. Their dashing looks make them a popular pet – but their low maintenance is often overlooked. These dogs are bred for hunting so they do need a good bit of daily exercise in order to stay healthy, but they are also smart and easy to train. Their obedience and their basic needs make it a true low maintenance breed. (Photo credit: Vladimir Solovyev/Bigstock)

Cane Corso: The Cane Corso may seem as a very large and demanding dog, but he is a true gentle giant. These dogs have short, smooth coats that shed very little and they only need to be brushed occasionally. This breed has moderate needs for exercise and they are very easy to train. Being so large, the Cane Corso doesn’t really like to run about so much – resting is the preferred idea! The only aspect you need to give attention to is the food: they can have a pretty big appetite. (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Bigstock)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: This breed often gets a bad rap for being “aggressive” but, in reality, they are one of the friendliest and most fun loving breeds out there. After all – their character depends entirely on the owner and their upbringing. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier also has a short coat that requires minimal brushing and it sheds very little. These dogs have moderate needs for exercise and they are pretty easy to train. Along with that, this pooch is up for doing anything you want to do – whether it be sitting on the couch or playing a game of catch. That’s all thanks to their loyal character and the desire to please. (Photo credit: ots-photo/Bigstock)

Bloodhound: Though Bloodhounds were developed for hunting and tracking prey, they don’t mind loafing around the house when there’s nothing much to do. These dogs have moderate needs for exercise and they are easy to train. It also doesn’t hurt that they have short coats that shed seasonally and are easy to brush. When not used for the original purposes – hunting – Bloodhound’s relaxed and friendly demeanor makes them very low maintenance in general. (Photo credit: CaptureLight/Bigstock)

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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