Top 10 Low Energy Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Not everyone wants to go, go, go! Some people just need a pal who’s as low-key as them – and that’s why these low energy dog breeds make wonderful companions.

Games of fetch leave him bored. A tossed Frisbee? Why bother. And please don’t tell me that’s a leash you have in your hand. Yes, what we have here are the some of the lowest of the low energy dog breeds. Those that would rather hang out with their peeps in the family room than run free with their canine friends at a dog park.

So, who are these pooches that have pooped out before they even begin? Here are our top 10.

Basset Hound

Is it me or does this dog just look like he’s already bored and ready for a nap? The personality of this pup is as chill and laid back as his hang-dog expression and when it comes to exercise, this stubborn, under-ly active pooch with the overly active nose will have to be convinced. Can you spell treat? (Photo credit: ARTSILENSE/Shutterstock)

Italian Greyhound

Surprised? These handsome boys are born to sprint short distances at top speed, not walk alongside their owner on lengthy, boring marathon outings. While a good trot around the block will keep him physically fit, he’s happiest when stretched out on the sofa relaxing with his peeps. (Photo credit: Elena Vasilchenko/Shutterstock)

Chow Chow

Now this boy was bred to work and was often found guarding flocks or property in ancient China. Today, he can become a mite irritable in warmer weather and with that heavy, fluffy coat he’d appreciate if you could keep outings, exercise and those nasty walks, short and to the point. (Photo credit: dezy/Shutterstock)

Great Dane

One of the largest and strongest breeds around, this big boy expends a lot of energy just getting up off the sofa and over to the door. Now you want him to go for a walk? Short, multiple daily walks are the ticket for this low-energy pooch and are sufficient to keep him fit and healthy. (Photo credit: BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock)

French Bulldog

Now to be fair, this expressive-looking boy is just economical with how he expends his energy. He loves to play but would rather chase a ball around for a few minutes than have to hit the bricks on a lead. And because of his shorter snout and tendency to respiratory issues, he may know best. (Photo credit: Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock)

Japanese Chin

Perky and playful, this lover of all creature comforts prefers a warm lap to a trip to the dog park where he may have to step in dirt and be swarmed by other dogs. No, this little guy would much rather his exercise be interactive and of the indoor variety. With an innate ability to leap and climb, a game of “catch-me, catch-me” might be just the ticket. (Photo credit: Alekcey/Shutterstock)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chock-full of personality but not so much energy, this playful companion dog will go for a walk if you really want to but would rather just engage in something fun and interactive either indoors or outdoors. Whatever his human is doing is what this little pooch wants to be doing… followed by a snuggle and snooze on the sofa. (Photo credit: Fotyma/Shutterstock)

Irish Wolfhound

This giant pooch isn’t big on walks, stairs, or interactive playtime. In fact, he considers a good stretch to be about the extent of his work-out routine. But he is friendly, gets along with other dogs and would likely love a visit to the dog park… even if only to stand around and talk to the others. (Photo credit: Jana Oudova/Shutterstock)


Although this fun-loving pooch would much rather snuggle on a lap in the comforts of home than don a leash or hit a dog park, convince him there might be treats at the end of his outing and he’ll be hooked. Seriously, if he could choose his own exercise regimen, this pup would choose a little interactive playtime over a walk, every time. (Photo credit: DawidAndMarcelina/Shutterstock)

Shih Tzu

This little guy was bred to be a companion animal and has no problem reminding his pet parent of this. His idea of exercise is to follow his human around the house versus have to walk his ‘hood. Because daily exercise is important, if this stubborn little guy prefers to chase a ball around the house versus dirty his paws on a walk, let him win! (Photo credit: chaoss/Shutterstock)

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