Top 10 Splendiferous Ugly Christmas Pet Sweaters

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This jester sweater will have all laughing at your dog!

1. Scheppend Jester Sweater. Your pup will surely bring laughs to faces when he’s wearing this jester sweater. It’s a pullover design with no buttons or zippers, and the leg holes don’t drag around so your pup will trip. Best, there’s space at the end…so your pooch will be able to get his business done without sullying the sweater!

Nothing says classy Christmas like Naughty Santa and a selfie!

2. Funky Tails Santa Selfie Sweater. Seems even Santa can take some naughty selfies (move over, Kim Kardashian!) and this Funky Tails Sweater has a pup as an eye-witness. Your puppy will crack people up with this hilarious take on today’s selfie craze!

This sweater set makes you wonder what the heck those animals are!

3. Pet Vintage Festive Sweater. This sweater will win any contest it’s in because it seriously makes you wonder what the heck those little animals are. Reindeer on drugs? Snowy owls who stole Rudolph’s nose? Not sure, but it’s ridiculously ugly and perfectly charming for every picture your pooch takes! Best? You can get a matching sweater to double the ugly!

Your dog will be super warm but cool in this muttropolis hoodie

4. Muttropolis Reindeer Hoodie. This hoodie is the best! It not only features a reindeer wishing people a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but also has LED lights hidden inside a pocket so you can turn it on and watch it glow. There’s a leash hole for attachment, but let’s face it. Your dog won’t want to be anywhere but the center of attention with this thing!

5. Zoo Snoods Reindeer Costume for Dogs. Santa’s reindeer never looked so cute! This handmade knit dog hoodie from Zoo Snoods is an adorable addition to your pup’s holiday wardrobe. It will keep your doggie nice and warm because it is made with super soft yarn. It isn’t weather-proof though, so its not the best option to wear in snowy weather or a wintry mix. 

This Zoo Snoods Reindeer costume had a cute hoodie with reindeer antlers that might even trick Santa into thinking he left one of his reindeer behind. They do have have a variety of size options from small to large so be sure to measure your pup before ordering. The small sizes fits dogs 5 to 15 pounds, the medium size fits dogs 15 to 60 pounds , and the large size fits dogs 60 to 80 pounds. So you can get one for all your furry friends (even your cat if you want!).  Always order a size up if you aren’t sure!

6. Christmas Tree Dog Sweater.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! You never did look cuter! Your pup will look festive and ready for any holiday party this season with this adorable Christmas tree sweater costume from Worderful. The cape-like sweater will keep them warm in the cold winter air all while giving them the adorable look that will make the other pups (and their humans) jealous of the festive look. The coat is made of high-quality polyester so it will definitely keep them warm, and the easy closure makes it simple to put on and take off. 

The Christmas Tree Dog Sweater is shaped exactly like a Christmas tree and even comes adorned with small pouf ball “ornaments” and felt “snow” to make it look even more festive. They have sizes ranging from extra small to double extra-large, so a pup of any size can rock this look ‘round the Christmas tree this holiday season.

This handmade sweater by an Etsy designer has bells on!

7. Jingle Bell Sweater and Hat Set. This handmade red and brown sweater has a matching knit hat that has elastic at the chin to keep it on. The jingle bells are knitted into the sweater, and there’s an adorable reindeer on the front. You can even customize with a button hole for a harness leashed look, but be ready for all the oohs and ahhs over the adorableness!

8. NACOCO Santa Sweater. Ho ho ho! Santa’s recognizable face is prominent on this adorable Santa sweater by NACOCO that is perfect for the holiday season. Your pup will be in the giving spirit when he wears this warm and cozy sweater to your next holiday party, giving extra kisses, cuddles, and sniffs to all the humans and pets around him. It is made of lightweight yet warm acrylic fabric that is easy to move around in but will also keep him toasty on the chilly winter evenings. The cartoon Santa face is made with fuzzy fleece, and the pom pom on his hat makes this design stand out even more. 

Pups of every size can rock this festive look, too. Sizes range from double extra small to large, so any breed from a teacup pup to a large husky can be ready for your next holiday party. Be sure to measure your dog before ordering, and always go a size up if he’s in between (and to make room for that extra holiday treat weight we all seem to get!).

This sweater is weird, which makes it a perfect contender for winning ugly contest!

9. LETSQK Classic Sweater. So we honestly have no idea what’s going on with this sweater–is it Rudolph eating a lamb? We don’t know, but we know it’d be a winner for any ugly sweater contest. Just look at that pup wearing it–she knows it’s hideous! Which means winner, winner, steak dinner if that’s what you’re going for. And pretty sure any pup wearing it is!

This reindeer in a wreath sweater from Muttropolis lights up.

10. Muttropolis Motion Sensor Reindeer Dog Sweater. You know it’s bad when the model for the sweater sort of hangs his head in shame at the ugliness! But that’s what makes this sweater so good! The reindeer (yes, that’s a reindeer) in the middle of the wreath has a motion sensored nose, and will get LIT when you go near! Winning! (PS: is it just me, or at first glance does that look like some creepy mouth opening to eat you?)