Top 10 Yappy Dog Breeds

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington

Big yips come out of little packages! Need proof? Take a look at the barkers on our top 10 yappy dog breeds list. They’ve all got something to say, and they’re not shy about speaking their minds!

“Who’s that at the door?” “What’s that across the street?” “Did you see the way that dog was looking at me?” These are probably the things that dogs are telling us when they bark – but that doesn’t mean that we need to always know what’s on their minds. There are times they should keep their thoughts to themselves. But not so with these yappy dog breeds! They need to let you know what’s going on, at all times. The fact of the matter is that some dogs simply bark more than others and it often doesn’t take much to set them off – a squirrel running through the yard, another dog passing on the sidewalk, or something as simple as boredom.

If you’re looking for a dog that keeps his thoughts to himself (most of the time), avoid the pooches on our top 10 yappy dog breeds list:


Who doesn’t love a cute short-legged Dachshund? The popular “hot dog” pooch, this breed has so many great qualities that will win you over in a second. The Dachshund is known for its long body, short stubby legs, and yippy bark – it’s also the smallest of the hound breeds. It may be due to its development as a small game hound that makes this breed so noisy – it doesn’t hesitate to sound off loudly at anyone or anything they find suspicious. Sure, they are fun to be around, but they will also be super noisy and yappy when something alarms them. 

Some fun facts about Dachshunds:

  • They were originally bred to hunt badgers. Dachshund is German for Badger Dog.
  • They come in standard and miniature sizes. The standards can weigh up to 35 pounds and hung wild boars too!
  • Believe it or not–though their long bodies look like a hot dog, the original name for the hot dog was the Dachshund Sausage. That means the dog came before it’s common “Weiner Dog” moniker!
  • A Dachshund was the first Olympic Mascot!


Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a unique-looking dog and its small size makes it popular among apartment-dwellers. And it’s not all about their size, either: they have such a goofy personality that they quickly become irresistible! Unfortunately, this breed has a tendency to bark at just about everything. He may not be popular with the neighbors, but his good nature may be enough to win them over.

Fun Facts:

  • There are three sizes of Schnauzer. The miniature came from the standard size, and it’s the most popular of the three.
  • Unlike many other terrier breeds that come from the British Isles, the Miniature Schnauzer came from Germany.
  • They used to be called Wirehaired Pinschers.


Jack Russell Terrier

This breed is known for its energy and lively personality – it is also known for being one of the yappiest small-breed dogs. Jack Russell Terriers require a good deal of training to handle their energy and spirit but they can be a fun breed to own.

Fun Facts:

  • They used to be primarily known for hunting foxes.
  • Though they’re small, they’re mighty jumpers! They can jump up to five feet (or higher, sometimes!).
  • They have personalities that will bowl you over, but you can’t help but LOVE!

( Marilyn Peddle/Flickr)

Yorkshire Terrier

When you think of yappy dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier is probably one of the breeds you picture. They might be cute, cuddly, boisterous, energetic, and have a multicolored attitude, but nothing beats their love to simply bark. These little dogs have boisterous personalities and long, silky fur. They also have a tendency to bark at just about anything. It’s their way of saying hello, and also letting you know something’s not right. And that something could be as mundane as a person walking by. 

Fun Facts:

  • That they’ll bark at just about everything is one of the reasons they used to be great watchdogs!
  • They were originally bred to be working dogs who chased rats.
  • They’re consistent world-record holders for the title “Smallest Dog”.
  • They’re born different colored as puppies than they are as adults.


Boston Terrier

You can’t not love the charming little Boston Terrier. The Gentleman of the dog breeds, the Boston Terrier will carry on a conversation with everyone he meets. He must love the sound of his own bark, because he always has something important to say. But after all, they do it in such a charming way, that it hardly becomes annoying. Still, if you want a completely quiet doggo, the Boston Terrier won’t make it on your shortlist.  

Fun Facts:

  • They were originally bred from the now-extinct white English Terriers
  • They were fighting dogs before dogfighting was illegal in Great Britain, and that’s when breeding began for smaller sizes.
  • They started off as American Bull Terriors.

( daphenator/Flickr)

Basset Hound

The original hunting dog, the Basset Hound is well known for its ability to follow a scent and be a major helping hand for old school hunters. But as such, the Basset has a booming, deep voice: originally it helped them alarm the hunters and alert them of the prey.  The sound this breed makes is closer to a howl than a yappy bark, but the breed is still known for being fairly noisy. Basset Hounds are trained to howl when they quarry their prey and they may exhibit this habit frequently at home. Of course, there are no foxes or badgers in your house, but the Basset might still see a potential alarm in a passing doggo, a car, or the neighborhood cat. And barking will ensue. 

Fun Facts:

  • Their name comes from their size! Bassett (bas) means ‘low’ in French.
  • Their sense of smell is second only to Bloodhounds in the canine world.
  • Their long, floppy ears are what bring smells to their nose to help that sense of smell.

( Jon Buscall/Flickr)


There’s no way you haven’t heard of the Chihuahua’s vocal tendencies yet! These are adorable dogs and are one of the most popular breeds in the whole world, but if you know anything about them, you probably aren’t surprised to see the Chihuahua on the list of yappiest dog breeds. If you’ve ever come into contact with this breed you understand this first-hand. Chihuahuas have big personalities packed into their tiny bodies and they aim to prove it with their bark. They have a big dog attitude, and won’t hesitate to get feisty when necessary. And that means a lot of barking! So, don’t be surprised when your Chihuahua starts barking at everything and anything! 

Fun Facts:



If you want a fun and goofy dog packed in a cute tiny body, you can’t go wrong with a Pomerianian! Petite, fluffy, and utterly charming, the Pomeranian is one of the smallest breeds of dog - and it’s really clever. This breed may be small, but he feels and acts like a bigger dog – this includes barking at anything that stands between him and his family. It’s that unmistakable rambunctious attitude that tiny dogs have - the so-called “small dog syndrome”. The Pomeranian will be vocal, and you’ll definitely know about strangers coming around, cars passing, or squirrels jumping in the trees. 

Fun Facts:

  • They were originally bred from big sled dogs. True story.
  • Famed Protestant Leader Martin Luther had a Pomeranian he wrote about frequently.
  • Mozart dedicated an aria to his Pomeranian Pimperl

( Cameron Yee/Flickr)

Miniature Pinscher

When talking about mini dogs, you can’t overlook the Miniature Pinscher. So cute and funny, the goofing with these dogs is never-ending. But there’s a bit of tiny toughness in  there too. This breed may not look as intimidating as its full size counterpart, but it still tries to act tough. The Miniature Pinscher makes a great watchdog due to its tendency to bark at anything that moves, just keep in mind that this dog can be a bit stubborn at times. They have that small-breed yappy attitude, and tend to be nippy and bark at passersby, cars, other dogs, birds, cats… Well, the list goes on. Still, with some proper training and attitude correction, this yapping can be brought down to a bare minimum, so it won’t become a nuisance. 

Fun Facts:

  • Min Pins are class clowns and enjoy entertaining humans.
  • They have a high-stepping gait like no other breed.
  • They’re descendants of the gangly but gorgeous Italian Greyhounds.

( Toshihiro Gamo/Flickr)


The Beagle is endlessly charming! With its spots and multi-colored appearance, and its super charming face, this breed is adored by owners across the world. Besides this, they can be super fun and goofy! And like the Basset Hound, the Beagle may not be a “yappy” breed per se - but he definitely isn’t quiet. This breed has been known to howl along to sirens and to bark when anyone comes to the door. After all, it is all a part of their distant hunter’s past. So don’t be surprised if your goofy Beagle starts yapping about when spotting passersby, or howling endlessly when the ice cream truck goes by! Still, it is important to note that they won’t be unbearable with their noise. 

  • A beagle named Elvis was trained to ‘smell’ pregnancy in polar bears!
  • Their ears help them smell too!
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson had three beagles–Him, Her and Hoover.


Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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