Trader Joe’s Will Sell Treat-FIlled Advent Calendars for Dogs

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Christmas is a time for giving and receiving- and that includes furry family members, as well. Just last year, spending reports revealed that people are splurging on holiday gifts for their pets, often spending more on presents for their four-legged bestie than those for their parents. I mean, Santa does reward good boys and girls… and you can’t find better than our adorable doggos.

And if you want your dog to have the whole Christmas experience, you’ll be happy to know that Trader Joe’s is preparing something really special for man’s best friend. In an effort to boost the holiday spirit of both pet parents and their furbabies, the chain of grocery stores will offer an exclusive advent calendar filled with dog treats. Yup, your pooch will get to celebrate Advent by your side- by gobbling down a treat in days preceding the nation’s most important holiday.

Unfortunately, while it is certain that an advent calendar for dogs will be a part of Trader Joe’s winter lineup, it’s still a mystery how the calendar will look and what treats will be hidden in it. Nobody even knows if it will be a 12-day advent calendar or a 25-day one! Of course, the lack of information didn’t prevent countless pet pawrents from getting crazily excited about the prospect of treating their pooch in the days of leading up to Christmas.

If we’re being honest, it’s not like most of us weren’t sold on the idea as soon as we realize that we get to pamper our four-legged best friend the way they deserve! Celebrating Christmas is just a fabulous excuse to go overboard with spoiling your pets. It only comes once a year, after all.