Widower’s $1 Million Donation To Winnipeg Humane Society Offers New

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
With the biggest donation ever made to the organization, the Winnipeg Humane Society opens the Joyce Gauthier Behaviour and Training Centre.

In an amazing show of love, support and paying-it-forward, a Winnipeg business man has helped ensure that his late wife’s name will live on, and that many shelter dogs will do the same. Jim Gauthier’s wife Joyce was a big animal lover during their 54 year marriage and after she passed, he wanted to do something that he knew would be meaningful to her.

And this is what you call a substation donation – $1 million later and the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) is planning to open the Joyce Gauthier Behaviour and Training Centre this fall.

The centre’s purpose will be to not only eliminate the lengthy wait-list of local pooches waiting for agility and obedience training, but also those in the shelter who are not properly socialized and as a result, may never be placed. As Gauthier explains, “We do get a lot of dogs from up north, dogs that are skittish, dogs that have not been around people that have to be trained and get confidence in people.”

As Manitoba’s oldest animal welfare agency, the WHS offers not only pet adoption, but educational programs for new pet parents (including kids and adults) as well as a veterinary clinic that performs subsidized spay and neuter surgeries for Winnipeggers on fixed or low-income.

Their overjoyed CEO Javiera Schwersenky was stunned by the massive donation. “We are incredibly grateful for this generous gift from Mr. Gauthier. This new space will allow us to make a greater impact in our community”.

No question about that because the agency’s current facility can only deliver once monthly training for the public. The class fills up almost immediately and the wait list can be up to four months. Add to that a kennel full of unruly hounds in need of some serious etiquette classes prior to placement and you’ve got a challenge with no end in sight.

The new facility will increase accessibility to the popular workshops and ensure a brighter future for the many rescues looking for their forever families. I’m thinking Joyce Gauthier would be pretty proud of hubby’s decision.

We’ve included a video of Jim Gauthier and the donation. Hey, is someone cutting onions in here?!? I’m not crying, you’re crying! *Sniff!

[Source: CBC]

Mary Simpson
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