Global Pet Expo: Canine Colors Helps You Discover Your Dog’s Persona

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
2018 Global Pet Expo gave us an opportunity to meet with Letitia Fox, the creator of Canine Colors and a certified Canine Compatibility Coach.

In 1978, the True Colors personality assessment was established and has since been translated into 16 languages. It’s a fun and easy temperament/personality assessment that gives people insight into themselves using four colors to represent four different personality/temperament types.

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Letitia Fox has been the Executive Producer of the Live Show Division of True Colors, Int., for fifteen years, and always a pet lover. Fox is a passionate animal lover her heart hurt thinking of how dogs are so often returned after being adopted because people believe they may have adopted the wrong dog.

Fox believes there are no wrong matches, and that if we knew our personality types more, and those of our dogs, we’d be able to work better together to have the strongest bond with our pets. Using the theory behind True Colors, Fox created The Canine Colors booklet that helps people discover their strengths, and learn more about canine color personalities.

Fox wants to help potential dog owners in getting dogs that match their families based on the personality types of the family members and the dog. She says so often a person with a personality type that is different than that of their dog believes that maybe they’ve gotten the wrong dog and she believes that doesn’t have to be the case. Helping to take the mystery out of picking a dog out, or to work in the personality type of the dog you already have is what Fox believes will help reduce returns to shelters.

I had the opportunity to have Letitia show me her book, and guide me through discovering my personality type (I’m a True Blue! I care!) and then my dog Lilly’s personality type. I adopted Lilly last year at the 2107 Global Pet Expo and she’s such a good puppy. I wanted to find out how we could make her life even happier with us, and Letitia’s book helped me confirm that Lilly is a total orange type–active, engaging and playful. While I knew that because she is a puppy, the other things her book talks of when it comes to personality types were Lilly (and me!) right down to our toes.

Letitia also types AKC breeds with a canine color, and last year we did a DNA test on Lilly to see what her background was. Lilly was a mix of Labrador Retriever (orange), Boxer (orange) and German Shepherd (Gold, and that was a close second for her scoring). This guide alone could make such a difference for families when looking at what pet they’d like to bring into their family in ensuring the right match.

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Which is why Letitia works with shelters and organizations to certify them as Canine Colors coaches. She hopes that she can make a difference in surrenders of dogs, and bring enhanced relationships to pets and their families everywhere.

I had so much fun going through the experience and learning about myself and my dog, and I think it’s a great tool for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their furry family members! Check it out–your dog wants you to!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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