Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

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Few things are as beautiful as a lushly planted aquarium. A thriving tank filled with green is certainly a sight to behold, but maintaining it is quite a challenge. Live plants require certain nutrients in addition to plenty of light in order to thrive which leads some aquarium hobbyists to question whether they are worth the effort. If you like the look of a planted tank but don’t feel up to making the effort, consider using artificial plants to decorate your aquarium.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to use plants to decorate your aquarium and learn about our top picks for the best artificial aquarium plants to consider.

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Before you start shopping for artificial aquarium plants, take the time to think about your overall goal in decorating your aquarium. Artificial plants are just one piece of the puzzle, so think about the other décor elements you’ll be incorporating to ensure that they all work together.

Here are our top picks for the best artificial aquarium plants:

  1. CNZ Aquarium Fish Tank Green Lifelike Underwater Plastic Plant Aquatic Water Grass Decor (Large, 13-inch)

Beta fans love this plastic plant for the ample hiding places it gives them. It’s perfect for a 20-gallon or bigger tank, and while many might use it for filler as they’re waiting for natural plants to grow, you might find you love it because your fish do too. The long leaves and spacious surface area give lounging, sleeping or hiding room.

For bigger tanks, they’re a great way to bulk up the greenery and each plant looks realistic and lifelike without looking too cookie cutter. This means your tank doesn’t look factory formulated and your fish and Marine life feel they’re truly in a habitat that they belong in. It comes in a variety of sizes for your tank needs: 9”, 10” and 13” and you can mix and match to add varying levels of foliage for that just-right look. The weight of the plant is perfect for keeping buried as you need it to be, and for fish who like to eat at your natural foliage and keep it looking bare, these are almost no-brainer buys!

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2. QUMY Large Artificial Plastic Fish Tank Plant

Add a hint of color to your aquarium with these green and red plants. They stand almost 16 inches tall and 7 inches wide with a 3-inch base.

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3. BEGONDIS 3-Piece Green Aquarium Plant

This set of three artificial aquarium plants stand 11 inches tall, each with a sturdy base. If you are looking for something a little more colorful, they also come in blue, orange, and red as well as a multi-color pack.

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4. MyLifeUNIT 10-Piece Artificial Seaweed

Looking for a tall plant to set at the back of your aquarium? This 10-piece set of artificial seaweed is a great choice. Not only does it come in a natural-looking green, but it also comes in purple and wine red.

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5. Otterly Pets Large Purple and Blue Artificial Aquarium Plants

Create a rainbow of color in your aquarium with this 8-pack of colorful plants. These plants come in vibrant blue and purple shades and they range in height from 4 to 12 inches, each with a weighted pedestal.

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6. Tacobear Artificial Plastic Plant

Finding aquarium plants for large tanks can be a challenge but this 20-inch plastic plant is a perfect fit. It features 18 long branches of water grass forming a dense plant over 8.5 inches long.

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7. CNZ 10-inch and 8-inch Plastic Plant Set

Fill a significant amount of space in your aquarium with a single ornament using this plastic plant set. It includes a 10-inch and an 8-inch plastic plant set in a sturdy base that measures about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide.

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8. COMSUN 10-Pack Small Artificial Aquarium Plants

Create a beautiful green carpet at the bottom of your tank with this 10-pack of small aquarium plants. These plants measure just 4 inches tall and come in a bright green color with wispy leaves to give the decoration texture.

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9. Norgail Large Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Enhancing your aquarium with some real exotic plants can be a big challenge, reserved only for professionals and those with plenty of time. That is why artificial aquarium plants come in handy as a realistic replacement that requires no care at all – but still looks pretty! Norgail’s artificial plants are made from PVC plastic and carefully replicate lush and tall-growing water flora. You can also choose from 3 realistic colors, finding the one that perfectly fits into your aquarium. These bushy plants are around 21” (54 cm) tall and will add that unmistakable touch of greenery into any aquarium decoration.

Norgail Large Freshwater Aquarium Plants can also act as a great hiding spot for certain breeds of aquarium fish that love snuggling in tall reedy growth. Combined with other artificial plants and unique decorations, this flowing plant can really be the centerpiece of your watery haven at home. Before use, you should rinse and soak this plant in warm water for roughly 20 minutes, which will give it a more realistic look.

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10. BytheBay 2-Piece Bundle Plastic Aquarium Plant

If you’re looking for a set of aquarium plants to create a consistent look in your tank, this 2-piece bundle is a great place to start. This bundle includes two 10-inch highly flexible green plastic plants, but they also come in magenta, red-green, and yellow. They come with heavy bases to make them easy to root in substrate.

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Tips for Using Plants in Your Aquarium

Artificial aquarium plants come in all colors of the rainbow and a wide variety of different designs. If you want to cultivate a natural appearance in your tank, choose realistic-looking artificial plants. If you want something a little more whimsical, consider brightly colored plants in a variety of patterns.

Here are some simple tips for using plants to decorate your tank:

  • Think about the color scheme you hope to create and choose a variety of artificial plants in different shades to complement that color scheme.
  • Select a variety of different plant shapes and sizes – you’ll want to use different plants in the foreground of your tank than in the background.
  • Decide what large-scale decorations you want to use in your tank and place them first so you can add the plants around it.
  • Be sure to leave plenty of open space in the middle of your tank for swimming unless you are trying to minimize territorial tendencies by breaking up sightlines with large decorations.
  • Place the smaller and shorter aquarium plants in the foreground of your tank – if you purchase a large number of the same plant you can create a carpet-like effect.
  • Arrange the taller plants near the sides and at the back of your tank – this creates visual intrigue without eating up the valuable free-swimming space in the middle of your tank.
  • Choose the right kind of aquarium lighting to make your artificial plants and other décor elements look their best – multi-color LED lighting works well.

With artificial aquarium plants you can create a natural-looking aquarium, or you can go another route and create something truly unique and eye-catching. If you’re not sure where to start in shopping for artificial aquarium plants, simply try some of our top 10 picks reviewed above.