Remember Pets That Have Passed Away on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

August 28 is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, a day to remember those beloved pets that have passed away, a time to look back at photos, and fond memories of the happy times you spent together.

Losing a pet is tough. They are members of the family and the loss can be felt so greatly. People that don’t own pets just don’t understand that you feel as if you’ve lost someone close to you. You grief is real and it can be hard to bear. Many of us spend so much time with our pets every day, that the gap in your life that is left when they’re not there any more can be overwhelming. Over time, we learn to cope, we manage to move on, perhaps we open our home and our hearts to another pet.

Unless your pet is a tortoise or a parrot, it’s likely that most of us will outlive our pets, so it’s a loss that most of us will experience, perhaps several times in our lives. Those beloved pets are never forgotten, and it’s nice to take time out to remember them and celebrate their lives. This is what Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is all about. It’s a day to remember all the fun you had together. To laugh about the silly things they did and their own particular unique traits and habits.

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It’s nice to remember the pets that have passed away with some sort of tribute or memorial. You could plant a tree in the garden, or perhaps make a donation in their name to an animal charity. There are also many products you can buy that would make a fitting tribute. Here are some ideas:

Let Your Love Grow

When a pet dies, you’re faced with the difficult task of burying your pet. Paw Pods makes that process a little easier and more dignified. These biodegradable pods hold your pet for burial. They’re available for all pets, there’s even a mini fish shaped pod for goldfish. Paw Pods are embedded with wildflower seeds, so a memorial garden will spring up as a fitting tribute to your pet.

Fur Eternity

Fur Eternity offer a wide range of pet memorials. From an engraved pendant you can have with you always, to urns and headstones. These beautifully made memorials will serve as a lasting tribute for a much loved pet.

Let Your Love Grow

Adding a new plant to your garden in memory of your pet is a lovely thing to do. Many of us want to add the ashes of our pets to the soil around the plant, but the problem is, these ashes are not actually very good for the plants and could hinder the growth. You don’t want the added heartache of your plant not thriving, so Let Your Love Grow have the perfect solution. Their organic mixture is specially formulated to lower the pH of cremated remains and remove the salt, leaving you with ashes that won’t affect plant growth.

The Forever Spot

For an eco-friendly and affordable pet burial, take a look at The Forever Spot, a pet shroud for burying pets in your garden. It’s safe for the environment and it primes to soil ready for the planting of a tree or other living memorial.

Kaleen Wolfe Designs

When a pet passes on, it’s the little things you can miss the most, like that wet nose nudging you out of bed in the morning. Now you can have that nose with you wherever you go as a forever-memory with a stunning personalized silver nose pendant. The detail is remarkable!

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