Woman Leaves For China While Her Cat Is Still Missing At Airport

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The owner of a cat who escaped her carrier at JFK airport was sadly forced to leave for China, without her furry friend.

An attorney who took a new job in China had to leave her best friend behind when the cat got loose at New York’s JFK airport and could not be found.

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According to a friend, the woman originally rescued Pepper from a shelter in California four years ago. She was relocating to China for a new job, and Pepper escaped from her carrier while at check-in.

The cat jumped up on the counter and then leaped onto a check-in kiosk before running away and avoiding capture.

A friend shared a picture of Pepper on social media in hopes that someone would see the kitty running and maybe bring her to safety, but as of yet, she’s still not been found.

This is my friend's cat Pepper (中文名:呆萌). She's four years old and has microchip in her. Please inbox me or the airport officials if you ever see her. All leads are greatly appreciated! We miss her so much. Here's a recent picture of her. pic.twitter.com/vT7eoUowRY

— ntp17 (@tn_nt17) April 21, 2018

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The Port Authority Police Department searched and searched for Pepper hoping they’d be able to get her back to her owner before she had to leave, but that didn’t happen and the heartbroken woman had to board a plane bound for China without the cat. This came after she missed her initial flight because she was looking for her.

Currently, ESU is searching Terminal 4, JFK, for Pepper, a black & white cat that bolted when its owner was checking in for a flight to China. Pepper escaped into the upper structures of the terminal. Passenger missed flight. PROTECTSNYNJ ESU pic.twitter.com/ti5zTq6vtA

— Port Authority PBA (@PAPD911) April 20, 2018

The Port Authority has not given up searching for Pepper, though, and hopes anyone who has any news on the cat will share with authorities.

Pepper is microchipped, and any leads as to her whereabouts are welcomed and appreciated, as we are sure there is a heartbroken cat mama in China wishing her furbaby was safe with her.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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