Dog Abandoned In South Korea Is American Humane’s 2018 American Hero Dog

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She was once found abandoned with all four legs bound in a trash bag in a dumpster in South Korea. Thankfully, Chi Chi was rescued, and though she was nearly dead, animal rescue workers brought her back to life. She lost all four of her legs, but her will to survive was what a family in Arizona found so contagious.

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The Howells adopted her and helped her learn to overcome her challenges, teaching her to walk and fitting her with two prosthetic legs. She was such a great dog, the Howells worked to help Chi Chi become a certified therapy dog, working with various people with their own struggles.

The tables have even turned on Chi Chi, as she’s had cancerous tumors removed and is a cancer survivor herself. Indeed, she is a true force of nature and proof that dogs have indomitable spirits.

Now Chi Chi is another winner–American Humane’s 2018 American Hero Dog. Elizabeth Howell is with American Humane and said that people everywhere are inspired by Chi Chi’s courage, her perseverance and her never-give-up attitude.

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Chi Chi will appear with the other heroic dogs who were part of the American Humane American Hero Dog contest later this month on the Hallmark Channel.

Congratulations to the inspirational Chi Chi and all the amazing contestants this year!