Best Gilded Golden Retriever Gifts

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
The Golden Retriever has a gift for turning every person they meet into a friend, thanks to their sweet temperament. Give the gift of happiness with brilliant Golden Retriever-inspired trinkets that are sure to be treasured.

  1. Personalized Golden Retriever Welcome Mat

Isn’t THIS the truth? You certainly don’t need to knock because your sweet Golden will let the whole neighborhood know you are here!

This generously-sized doormat measures 23.6” by 15.7” and is made with a durable, heat-resistant non-woven fabric top for maximum dust/grime/dirt removal before your guests make it in the house. It’s backed with neoprene rubber non-slipping to keep it in place no matter the weather, and many pet parents even like it for back decks/near the pool/shed just because it’s so durable and easy to keep clean. You simply use a damp cloth or mild detergent to get the mud off (machine washing not advised), but you can easily put some mild detergent down and spray well with a hose and be good-to-go.

The personalization makes it perfect for your lovable pooch, but it also makes it a great gift to give to anyone who loves their fur-baby as much as you do. You can choose the dog and personalize with the name, and give the delivery people a kick when they come to the door. Also, maybe they’ll just drop the delivery and leave since your mat will tell them your dog already knows they’re there!

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2. Golden Bling

Your Golden is charmed… as is this bracelet charm!

Get yours at Amazon.

3. Golden Calendar

Every day is a good day when you’re greeted by a Golden!

Available at Amazon.

4. Golden Cookies

Sure, you make awesome sugar cookies- but do they have golden retrievers stamped on them? No? Now they do! You’re welcome.

Roll over to Amazon to order yours.

5. Mother of Goldens

All kneel before the Mother of Goldens!

Available at HouseBrokenClothing.

6. Golden Ornament

There’ll be no peeing on this tree, says Golden Retriever Santa.

Get yours at Amazon.

7. Tie

Adorable meets functional with this Golden Retriever-adorned necktie.

Available at Zazzle.

8. Dog Tag

You’ve been tagged to receive this awesome Goldie gift!

CafePress has everything you need.

9. Golden Stationary

Personal notes mean much more with this stationary that features beautiful gold and white envelopes and a sweet Golden Retriever silhouette stamped on the bottom.

Get fancy on Etsy.

10. Furminator

Comb yourself a Golden Shedder! If you’ve got a big dog that likes to shed (such as the Golden Retreiver), the Furminator is a necessity.

Available in a range of sizes on Amazon.

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Diana Faria

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