Top 13 Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs

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1. Blinged-Out Tee

Forget pink tutus and frilly collars; your pooch doesn’t go for princess couture. With this blinged-out skull tee on her back, no one will dare mess with her.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Blinged-Out Tee

Grab them while they’re hot at BitchNewYork.

2. Rad Spiked Collar

For the classic “your opinions don’t matter” look, opt for this hardcore leather collar complete with 36 spikes and a silver skull in the middle.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Spiked Collar

Rock the walk at Amazon.

3. Ruff Rider

For the ruff rider who loves to take her rebellious sidekick wherever she goes, this  helmet to keep your dog safe and still have her looking like bad bitch.Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Motorcycle Helmet


Rock Star Puppy has plenty to go around.

4. Undead DinoDog

Unlike rock, dinosaurs are dead. But your dog makes pre-historic look extremely bad ass with this awesome skeletal dinosaur sweater, complete with a hood and spikes. And did we mention the skull is glow-in-the-dark?!

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: dinosaur hoodie

Get yours at Blooming Tails Dog Boutique.

5. Skull-tastic Toy

Bring out your dog’s inner rocker by gnawing on a pink-and-black skull and crossbones toy. Not only does this guy squeak, but it also floats… Punk-themed Pool Party, anyone?Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: skull and crossbones toy

Available at BigAppleHerp.

6. Punk-Rock Sweater

They don’t understand your music choices and you can’t understand how patterns work. Stand out from the masses in this polka-, striped- and skull-patterned mohawk hoodie.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: mohawk hoodie

Head to Etsy for your fix.

7. Badass Leather Carrier

For the rockstar mom who can’t stand leaving her equally bad ass furry child at home, this gunmetal-studded pet carrier is for you.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: gunmetal-studded pet carrier

LazyBonezz carries these. (Get it?)

8. Bad to the Bone Bandana

For those days when it’s far too hot to pull out a Metallica concert tee, this skull-and-crossbones bandana will keep your head-banging appearance in check.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: skull-and-crossbones bandana

Orders yours at Pet Pawties In A Box.

9. Studded Harness

Collars aren’t your thing, but studs are – then this harness is for you. Available in every size of bad ass, this black harness is covered with grey skulls and overlaid with silver studs.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Studded harness

Grab yours and go at Etsy.

10. Deathly Leash

We may be punks but we have a sense of style! Going outdoors with your stud-ridden tee and spiked collar would not be complete without a skull-embellished leash.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: skull-embellished leash

Amazon has all of your skeletal leash needs.

11. Gothic Doggie Retreat

Your little hellraiser needs to rest (when he gets in from rocking all night) in this downright disturbing doggie bed! Complete with a silver chain and a skull-embellished pillow, it’s a nightmare come true.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Gothic Dog Bed

Order yours at The Classy Dog.

12. Skeletal Doggie Bowl

Don’t sacrifice style when it comes to travelling – even if its a short trip to the dog park. These skull-and-crossbones travel bowls feature tribal-like barbed wire designs on the side that growl: “Nobody drinks from these bowls but me!”

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: travel bowls

Head over to BaxterBoo to get yours.

13.  Dachshund Plugs

And finally, something for the human. Because when dog rocks so hard, you’re going to need these ear plug to get a little peace and quiet.

Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs: Dachshund Plugs

Get them at Koncent before they’re sold out!