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It’s no secret that a lot of pet pawrents love dressing up their pooches–from cute outfits to canine bling, there are plenty of ways to make your cute pooch look even cuter. Of course, some types of accessories and clothes for dogs are primarily functional and stylish second, such as warm winter coats, or waterproof booties. However, there are many others that don’t require practical reasons–I mean, you can only dress a pooch in a down jacket for a certain period of the year and in certain areas- to be worn and can make your pooch stand out in the crowd with his impeccable taste for fashion. (Who are we kidding? It’s your taste–your doggo has a developed taste only for treats and smelly old socks, probably.) 

On the other hand, you want your pooch to be comfortable and enjoy being dressed up–no one wants their pooch to feel restrained, uncomfortable or irritated because of fashion and looks. Some dogs love strutting their stuff in cute outfits, others throw a fit if they even see a garment heading their way, and some can only tolerate certain types of accessories. So, if you are keen on styling your doggo, the key is to find something that your pooch won’t mind wearing and that will fit your vision of their pawesome style. That’s where dog bandanas come in handy–they are the least intrusive dog fashion accessory you can think of, and despite that, they can make a show-stopping detail that will have your pooch turning heads on his way over to the dog park.

Dog bandanas come in countless designs and patterns, with a style that fits any pooch and his pawrent’s preferences. They are also available in a range of different materials, from lightweight cotton to warm flannel, so your four-legged fashionista can sport one every season of the year. You can create a complete collection of dog bandanas, with festive and seasonal choices, color-themed, or centered around your pet’s personality or quirk. The possibilities are endless- and that can be a bit overwhelming.

To help you narrow down your choice of dog bandanas, we’ve selected some of the most popular options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a dog bandana that’s cute and functional both or need a fashion statement alone, you’ll find a match on our list. Just scroll on through all those cuteness until you find a perfect pick! 

With 5 reversible dog bandanas in one set, your four-legged trendsetter will be all set- that’s ten different designs for various occasions. Budget-friendly and made from breathable, lightweight cotton fabric, these cute bandanas just tie to close, so they can be adjusted to fit doggos of all shapes and sizes. Still, the dimensions make them suitable for dogs with necks up to 21 inches, so these stylish bandanas are the best fit for medium and large pooches. 

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If your pet is in your wedding, or you want to dress them up for any special occasion, what could be a more perfect accessory for your furry fella than this tuxedo dog bandana? Made in the USA from hand-printed polyester, this is a fantastic addition to any fashion-forward pupper’s wardrobe. After all, sometimes the occasion calls for classiness–and this bandana delivers. The dimensions make this tuxedo-print bandana a good match for medium-sized and bigger dogs, but with some folding and tying, a petite pooch can wear it, too.

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The classic paisley print common for traditional bandanas makes this cute set stand out in the sea of plaid and geometric patterns. To boot, these dog bandanas are also reversible, so the other side of the fabric is a cute polka dot print–your dog will get a lot of wear out of them. Available in the set of four–red, blue, yellow, and black- these snap-on dog bandanas are easy to put on and put off. No need to tie or untie anything–just one click of the snaps and your pooch is ready to roll. Made out of soft, thick cotton, PAWCHIE bandanas are designed to fit small breed dogs and puppies.

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Dog cake? Check! Gifts? Check! The only thing missing for a paw-fect birthday celebration is this adorable bandana that tells the world that it’s your pooch’s barkday today. Needless to say, this bandana is ideal “prop” for cute birthday photos but it’s not the only time of the year your pet can wear it. To make sure you get your’ money’ s worth, this bandana is reversible–the other side featuring colorful stars and bones print to make it suitable for all occasions, and not just your dog’s special day. Barkday bandana is available in a range of sizes to fit all pooches.

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Lightweight, breathable, and soft to touch, these beautiful dog bandanas will make your pooch look cute as a button. The most popular design is the gorgeous peach-colored bandana with the feminine floral print, but you get to choose from 9 different styles that include everything from camo print and plaid to the watermelon-print fabric. These bandanas are available in two sizes, small and large, to offer a perfect fit to pooches of all shapes and sizes. This also makes matching between pats easy-breezy–your cute Maltese and Lab mix can both sport the same style in pictures for an extra adorableness factor.

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If you’re tired of the classic and popular dog bandana designs, these unique bandanas will certainly wow you. Custom-designed by artists, this set of four bandanas features different designs that perfectly complement each other, in shades of blue, navy, and burgundy. The high-quality double-layered fabric and faux leather labels make the bandanas look even more luxurious. The set comes in small or large size, the first being a fit for dogs that weigh from 7 to 30 pounds, and the second suitable for pets between 30 and 100 pounds.

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Is your pooch always sporting a fun and cute accessory when you go out for a walk? Then you can make sure he’s always wearing something different and interesting without breaking the bank, as this affordable bandana set includes 10 pieces for the price of one! Bright, colorful, and eye-catching, these dog bandanas are made from durable and soft cotton fabric and can fit medium and large dogs with ease–and small pooches with some tweaking around the knot.  

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Elegant and warm, this tartan dog bandana is a perfect fall accessory for posh pooches. The wool-like fabric is fuzzy and feels good when there’s some chill in the air, and the plaid purple and grey design makes it quite unusual–in the best way. Despite the wool-like feel of the fabric, this dog bandana is also machine washable as the regular cotton ones. Bond & Co. Purple and Grey Tartan Dog Bandana is designed for small and medium-size breeds.

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In case that you’re looking for cooling dog bandanas that are not meant just as a fashion accessory but rather a practical aid in the dog days of summer, ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana is the perfect choice–it will keep your doggo cool as a cucumber and still make him look cool to boot. The bandana attaches with velcro, so it’s easy to put on and take off. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes.

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This gorgeous set of five plaid dog bandanas makes an ideal gift for that special pooch in your life, as they come elegantly packed in their own box. Made from high-quality cotton and colored with quality dyes, the bandanas are pre-washed to make sure they don’t bleed colors when you toss them in the machine. Not only that these bandanas are truly beautiful, but they are also very well-made. The size is ideal for medium and large dogs, but if you fold it over more than once, your petite pooch can also enjoy these cute accessories.

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Choosing a bandana for your dog might seem like the simplest thing in the world–and while it’s not rocket science, it still requires a bit of thought. You don’t want to judge a bandana by the looks alone–it has to be made from proper materials and be a proper fit for your pet, among other things. Before you put one of these cute accessories in your shopping cart, make sure you first determined if it ticks your boxes based on these factors:

  • Size

You want your pooch to be comfortable while he wears his new bandana and the first step to ensure that is to get them a one in the right size. It’s only logical that a Chiweenie and a German Shepherd won’t be able to wear the same bandana, after all. Check the listed dimensions and measure the diameter of your pet’s neck for comparison–and a comfy fit will be guaranteed.

  • Materials

Let’s face it- dog bandanas don’t have to be super durable (even though it’s cool when they happen to be) because they’re meant as a stylish accessory that will be worn on special occasions and not a functional everyday collar. Still, you’ll want to skip on dog bandanas made from cheap, paper-thin materials. Not only they don’t look as good as those made from high-quality fabric, but they can also feel itchy or irritating against the fur and will most certainly show signs of wear and tear in no time. “Investing” a couple of bucks more into something made from breathable, quality materials definitely pays off. 

  • Ease of cleaning

A bandana is bound to get dirty- sooner, rather than later. Even if your pooch is tidy and clean, a piece of fabric against their coat will pick up dust, bodily oils, etc and look worse for the wear after a few outings (maybe even smell a bit funky, too). That’s why you should pick dog bandanas that are machine washable- when the need arises, just toss them in for a spin and they’ll look like new, prolonging the usability life of your pet’s new fashion accessory. 

  • Closure style

Most dog bandanas are just simple square handkerchiefs folded in half to create a triangle- with ends that tie together to keep the bandana in place. This is simple and works great, but there are other options if you want to avoid having to untie a knot from something your wiggly pooch is wearing. Hook and clasp, snap-on, velcro–these are all solid closure options for bandanas, so it all boils down to your preference.

  • Special properties

While most dog bandanas are worn for the sake of style, sometimes a bandana can be more than a simple fashion accessory. There are cooling dog bandanas on the market, designed to keep your pooch chill during hot summer days. Similarly, you can use a bandana to soothe your pooch: just spritz some calming spray on it as a substitute for dog calming collars. 

If you’re looking for dog bandanas to complete your pet’s outfit or to give your pooch a cute accessory that he won’t mind wearing, you’re in the right place. We’ve handpicked the best dog bandanas out there and you’re bound to find at least one (if not more!) that match your criteria. However, if you are looking to take things a step further and you’re considering other fun and pretty dog accessories you could get for your pet, we’ve got you covered, too. There are so many options for dressing up dogs nowadays that it would be a shame not to mention at least some of the accessories meant to help you accentuate your pet’s already existing adorableness. A lot will depend on your dog’s tolerance and how much he’s willing to put up with- some pooches actually love the attention that comes with dressing up, while others can’t be easily persuaded to wear anything more than a collar or a harness. So, it’s important to pick your pet’s accessories accordingly- don’t force your pooch to wear something that makes him uncomfortable for the sake of your entertainment or preferences, that should go without saying. 

Here are some of the most popular dog accessories for dashing doggos that have a forward fashion sense- or a growing Instagram following that likes to see them in cute outfits. Whatever the case is with your pooch, you’re certain to find some great dress up ideas here- suitable for all types and levels of tolerances towards clothes, of course.

From leather collars to rhinestone-decked, a dog collar doesn’t have to be just an attachment for a leash and ID tags. Same as dog bandanas, fashionable dog collars are an excellent way to get your pooch to wear something cute with minimal hassle- there’s nothing less intrusive than a properly-fitting neck gear. 

Whether it’s a lightweight autumn coat, a waterproof raincoat, or a warm winter jacket in question, it doesn’t have to be “just” functional. There are plenty of gorgeous designs that marry practicality and fashion, allowing your pooch to dress for the occasion- and look absolutely adorable at the same time.

OK, not all dogs like to wear booties–but those that do (or have to) get to choose from some ridiculously cute designs. Scaled-down puppy uggs or pooch high tops replica? Ugh, too adorable to bear.

Yup, jewelry for dogs is not a novelty anymore- and not just reserved for the rich and famous anymore. There are plenty of canine necklaces made to resemble posh jewelry pieces that cost just a few bucks- and can be a great prop for photos or an accessory for an event. Most dogs are comfortable wearing these, so that’s another bonus!

OK, this is mostly seasonal–but if your pooch is an Instagram celebrity (or just like to take fun pics of him for family and friends), wearing costumes for photos can be a year-round thing. Luckily, there are so many options that you can never lose inspiration–from movie characters to professions and everything in between, you’ll have a blast dressing up your pooch in costume. That’s if he allows it, though! After all, not all pooches can be cool as our resident fashionistas, Zed and Oscar, who have an impressive costume collection.

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