Blue Crowned Conure

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About Blue Crowned Conure

up to 15 inches
30-40 years
Bird Species
Vocal, Mimics, Natural calls, Talkative
Social, Affectionate, Fun, Cuddly, Silly
Comparable Breeds
Sun Conure, Hyacinth Macaw
Blue Crowned Conure General Info

Blue Crowned Conures are definitely one of the cuddliest and cutest breeds in the whole family, and they are also one of the best pet parrots you can get. With a personality overflowing with fun and loving affection, these silly parrots will certainly bring a lot of fun into your daily life. Once a bond is created between you and your pet, it can last up to 40 years, as these are long-lived birds. This means you will have a fun and goofy companion for a decades to come. Read on to find out more about this lovely conure and how this pet can enrich your everyday life!

These cute conures are a popular pet thanks to their cuddly, fun, and affectionate nature.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These are Neotropical parrots. This means that their natural home is found in a large part of South America, mostly stretching from Colombia, all the way down to Argentina. Their main habitat consists of sparse growth – the forest edges and temperate woodlands, as well as stretches of savanna, where they make their nests in tree holes. They are a relatively common parrot in the wild and are designated as a least concern species.

Overall Description

The Blue Crowned Conure is a medium-sized pet bird, but even though their tails are long, and their physical traits give off a small, chubby and cute look. The adults reach an average length of up to 15 inches (37 centimeters). This might sound like a lot, but keep in mind that they have quite long tail feathers, giving them another popular nickname – the sharp-tailed conure. With this in mind, you’ll need a roomy and large cage for your pet, and plenty of free space for ample exercise.

Speech and Sounds

When it comes to noise levels, the Blue Crowned Conure is relatively moderate in every aspect. This is just another in the line of traits that make them a loved pet parrot. Aside from high pitched but not too loud natural calls, they will learn to mimic some sounds and a couple of common words and sentences. They will do this in a throaty, comical voice which is a big part of their silly personality. They will also murmur and mumble quietly to themselves in an attempt to mimic human speech. Just another thing that will leave you smiling.


These are one of the simplest conures when it comes to color and details, but that doesn’t stop them from having a certain dose of grace and simple beauty. The body is almost entirely deep green, with darker tones on the head and wings, and lighter on the chest and belly. The cheeks and top of the head have a prominent turquoise blue shade, giving them their name. Add the white ring around the eyes and the striking red on the underside of the tail feathers, and you get a memorable, pretty look without a lot of fancy details.

Simple coloration and subtle tone changes can work well and look elegant and pretty.

Care and Feeding

As a part of their diet in the wild, these conures enjoy a varied selection of grass seeds, fruits, tree blossoms, and agricultural crops. The best start for your pet’s diet would be a pre-made commercial seed mix designed for conures. You can then supplement it with a great dose of fresh fruits and vegetables which will also act as a healthy treat for your pet. The best choice consists of apples, oranges, bananas, cabbage, carrots, and kale.

Health and Common Conditions

Thanks to their hardy and robust build, Blue Crowned Conures are pretty healthy. They adapt easily, and with a little attention, they will do just fine. Avoid extreme conditions and don’t neglect their basic and obvious needs. A great example of this is hygiene. Refreshing and healthy baths are not just a playful pastime, they are also a great aspect of a good health. With regular showers, you prevent skin and feather diseases.

With proper care and attention, your Blue Crowned Conure will spend its long lifetime without any major issues.

Personality & Behavior

Once you get to know your pet conure, it becomes pretty clear just why they are such a loved and popular pet. With their naturally fun and silly behavior, a keen ability to learn new tricks, and a big appetite for cuddling, the Blue Crowned Conures are nothing short of a perfect pet parrot. Add the moderate level of noise, good health, and ease of caring, and you get a hassle-free companion that will be an entertaining friend for a big part of your life- and who wouldn’t want that?

Photo credit: Tracy Starr/Shutterstock

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