Gouldian Finch

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fast facts

About Gouldian Finch

up to 6 inches
6-8 years
Bird Species
Singing bird, Chirping bird, Vocal
Social, Energetic
Comparable Breeds
Zebra Finch, Border Fancy Canary
Gouldian Finch General Info

Gouldian Finch is considered by some to be amongst the prettiest members of the finch family of birds. They are highly sought after on the market, mostly for their wonderful traits – the hardy nature, the lovely personality and the beautiful colors. This sometimes makes them a bit expensive, but for those who are looking for a pet bird with minimum hassle, Gouldian Finch is well worth it. With one of these lovely little birds as your pet, you are sure to bring the rainbow indoors!

A Gouldian Finch is best known for its striking appearance- its rainbow colors are quite a unique sight.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

John Gould, a British explorer, first noted these birds in mid-1800’s, in their natural home of the extreme north of Australia. Their most numerous populations are located in the Northern Territory, near the towns of Wyndham and Katherine. They prefer to live in the region’s sparse woodlands and the tropical savannas of the Australian northwest. Water sources are always nearby, and they fluctuate from one to the other, migrating as their needs dictate.

Overall Description

Like all the other finches, the Gouldians are small birds as well, and they will usually grow up to 6 inches (about 15 centimeters). The females can be easily spotted as they tend to be smaller and less brightly colored than the males. An interesting aspect is seen in the young birds – until they reach adulthood, their plumage is mostly grey. In time, as they grow up, it will become distinctively colorful and bright.

Speech and Sounds

If you are looking to enrich your home with a beautiful melody, without disturbing your peace and quiet, then a Gouldian Finch is a perfect choice. Without a doubt one of the best songbirds, these finches are renowned for the beauty of their melodious and calming singing. The males, in particular, have a distinct song that resembles a chit-chat bundle of tones, mixed with subtle chirps and melodies. They are indeed wonderful and regaling birds that will break up the monotony of the day with their lovely song.


Another of the favorite aspects of Lady Gouldians, is their incredible and exotic mix of colors. Their faces are striking and colored entirely in either black, red or yellow. The back and wings are bright, tropical green, while their chest is colored in a unique and brilliant shade of purple. The belly is golden yellow. With these colors mixed up, the Gouldian finches carry with them a little bit of their tropical Australian homeland.

From bright purple to yellow and tropical green – the Gouldian finch is a whirlwind of exotic colors.

Care and Feeding

Even though their needs will be met with a commercial, store-bought seed mix, you should still add a regular dose of fresh vegetables. Offer your Gouldian Finch lettuce, spinach, carrots, and celery. Mealworms can also be added, as they are a source of valuable proteins a finch will need.

Daily changes of fresh water are a must, and a regular bird bath will be thoroughly enjoyed by your pet finch

Health and Common Conditions

Finches are known for their strong and healthy nature, even though they are small and fragile-looking. Main things to avoid are cold and drafty places, lousy hygiene and cramped cages. They are nimble and active and move a lot. That’s why a spacious, large cage is a must. And you shouldn’t forget that a certain amount of social interaction is also required to keep your finch healthy: lack of company will directly affect the well-being of these little birds.

Finches are healthy and hardy. Just avoid cold and draft and you’ll have no troubles raising a happy, strong pet bird.

Personality & Behavior

Active, inquisitive and chirping little birds, the Gouldian finches are quite the spark of energy. They are friendly, and get along nicely with other comparable birds. In fact, as these birds thrive on good company and interaction, they’re often kept in pairs or small flocks. Coupled with their lovely and calming singing, their energetic tricks and goofs are simply a thing to enjoy. If you’re looking to get a pet bird to liven up your days and bring you some fun – then look out for the Gouldian finch!

Photo credit: Rosa Jay/Shutterstock; Joanne Harris and Daniel Bubnich/Shutterstock; cynoclub/Shutterstock

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