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About Pom-Shi

6-17 inches
5-25 lbs
12-16 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Families, active seniors and singles, people who live in a house
Loyal, independent, curious, sweet, affectionate, friendly, cuddly
Comparable Breeds
Pomeranian, Shiba Inu
Pom-Shi Basics

The Pom-Shi is one of the more unusual mixes in the world of designer dogs. A cross between the fluffy Pomeranian and the independent Shiba Inu, this feisty hybrid will definitely steal your heart. You might have also heard this designer dog breed being called Pomshi, Shi-Pom, or Shipom. This unique combination of parental breeds results in a dog that’s friendly, intelligent, and lively- a great companion for active singles or families.

While this mixed breed dog has all the traits needed to be considered a companion dog, owing to its alert parents, Pom-Shi can have a watchdog streak, as well. These compact pooches might not look scary to strangers, but they’ll sure do their best to keep them away with their barking. For some pet owners, their vigilant side is an added bonus, but others might not appreciate the yappy part of their protectiveness. If you live in an apartment, or simply prefer quieter dog breeds, you must make sure to train and socialize your adorable Pom-Shi on time.

Pom-Shi dogs are loyal, loving, and make ideal companions for active singles and families.


In general, all designer dog breeds have somewhat of a mysterious past and unknown origin. While mixing between breeds is not a novel phenomena, intentional crossbreeding to create a new and ideally improved dog breed is. Breeding designer dogs became popular in the last two decades, so it’s safe to assume that the Pom-Shi was first created sometime in this period. Additionally, most (if not all) hybrid dogs were originally bred in the United States, so there’s no reason to think that this adorable Pom and Shiba Inu mix was any different.

However, the lack of information on the origin of the Pom-Shi doesn’t mean that the breed overall is mysterious. There is a lot we can conclude about these dogs from their parents. Both the Shiba Inu and the Pomeranian are Spitz dogs. Throughout their history, these breeds evolved from being a hunting companion and a herding canine to being bred purely for their companionship. Centuries later, their offspring only proves that these two wonderful dogs make ideal family pets.


As a designer dog breed, the Pom-Shi is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. This means that these hybrid puppies can’t have pedigree papers. The reason for this is that the characteristics of first-generation hybrids, such as the offspring of any two purebred dogs, are quite unpredictable.

Of course, reputable breeders will be able to show you pedigree papers of their puppies parents. Both the Pomeranian and the Shiba Inu are popular breeds in good standing with the AKC, and their owner should have pedigree papers that show their lineage.


Choosing the best food for your Pom-Shi should be one of your top priorities. A well-balanced diet will support your pet’s overall health throughout their lifetime. Luckily, most Pom-Shi dogs are not too picky when it comes to their kibble and it won’t be a problem to create a healthy diet for them. For most dogs, high-quality dry dog food is the best option. Make sure to take into account your pet’s size and activity level, as many companies produce food that’s tailored to your pet’s unique needs. Additionally, you could feed your Pom-Shi a homecooked or raw diet, but make sure to consult a veterinarian before you make the switch.

As a small-sized dog, the Pom-Shi can gain weight quickly if you let them overeat. Obesity is particularly dangerous for this designer dog breed, as they can be prone to joint issues, which excess weight could further exacerbate. Follow the serving sizes appropriate for your dog’s age and size, and don’t go overboard with treats. It’s for their own good!

A well-balanced diet will support your pet’s overall health throughout their lifetime.


Even though the Pomeranian and the Shiba Inu are characterized as stubborn or independent, their mix should be easy to train. The Pom-Shi inherits impressive intelligence from both of its parents- with the right approach to training, this could be a great advantage. By using treats and praise to motivate your dog, instead of relying on harsher discipline methods, you can make sure that they find your instructions more appealing. Even if your Pom-Shi puppy got a bit of a stubborn streak from his Pom dad, a delicious treat will definitely make them want to behave on a leash or learn how to drop it.

Additionally, if your mixed breed dog favors his Shiba Inu mom more, you could use their spiritedness and smarts to train them to compete in agility. The Pom-Shi definitely has the chops for it!


One of the main things that make the combination between a Pomeranian and a Shiba Inu is their difference in size. While the petite Pom weighs 3 to 7 pounds on average, his Japanese partner is significantly larger: 19 to 30 pounds. What does that mean for the expected size of Pom-Shi puppies? Due to differences in the parents’ size, this hybrid dog can weigh anywhere between 5 to 25 pounds. A lot will depend on which parent’s genes your puppy favors, as well as their sex- females tend to be smaller than males.


Although they originated in two opposite parts of the world, both Pomeranian and the Shiba Inu have been cherished by generations of pet owners for their wonderful traits. It’s only logical that Pom-Shi has all the markings of a pooch with a wonderful personality! These designer dogs bring an unusual blend of traits to the table, and it’s a combination that you’re bound to love.

The Pom-Shi is exceptionally loyal to his family, sweet, affectionate, and fun. These adorable dogs will love to cuddle with you and regale you with their curiosity and liveliness. While they do bond strongly with their owners, most Pom-Shi dogs are not clingy, velcro pooches. The independence they possess minimizes the possibility of your pet’s closeness to your evolving into separation anxiety. Nevertheless, you should still make sure to properly socialize them and promote self-sufficiency to avoid any behavioral issues down the road.

While most breeders hope their designer puppies will inherit only the best from their parents, that’s not always the case. The Pom-Shi can be distrustful of strangers and prone to “watching over” its loved ones, which often includes a lot of barking. Additionally, if the Pomeranian breed is the more dominant one in the mix, lack of patience with children might be an issue. If provoked or bothered, these petite pooches won’t hesitate to nip the kid. Fortunately, both of these potential character flaws can be corrected through timely socialization and training.

Common Health Problems

One of the reasons why so many designer dog breeds exist today is the idea that crossbreeding could lead to improved traits- including fewer health issues. From hypoallergenic coats to eliminations of serious congenital diseases, there have been many successes in the world of designer dog breeding. However, it’s not always that things work out perfectly- sometimes, introducing another breed in the gene pool only makes matter worse and brings a whole other set of problems to the mix.

Luckily, reputable Pom-Shi breeders don’t have this problem. In general, these dogs are quite healthy and are not affected by many hereditary issues. Some of the potential conditions they can have are patellar luxation ( kneecap dislocation dog), hip dysplasia , or Patent Ductus Arteriosus ( congenital heart defect).

Additionally, if your Pom-Shi puppy is on the smaller side and favors the Pom in the mix, tooth loss might be a concern. Make sure to maintain good dental hygiene with regular brushing to prevent plaque buildup.

Life Expectancy

In most cases, designer dog breeds haven’t been around that long for the individual dogs of the breed to live out their expected lifespan. Of course, the fact that the Pom-Shi is a fairly new and rare designer dog breed doesn’t mean we can’t successfully guesstimate its life expectancy.

Having in mind the lifespan of the parental breeds, as well as the small to medium size of the breed, you can expect your pet to live anywhere between 12 to 16 years. A lot will depend on the care and living conditions, though, so make sure to give them the best life you possibly can- it could give them a few birthdays more!

Exercise Requirements

The Pom-Shi is a lively little pooch. They can be adventurous and curious, and immensely enjoy going to the park to sniff around every little corner and play with their furry friends. Even though they are more energetic than your average small breed dog, the Pom-Shi still has moderate activity requirements. Walk around the neighborhood, playing fetch or chasing squirrels in the fenced backyard- these are all great activities for this designer dog to burn off their energy. On average, 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise will keep your mixed breed pooch healthy and happy.

There is one important thing to note when it comes to exercising Pom-Shi dogs. You should never let them off leash when in a park or an outdoor adventure! Even though this should be a rule with all dogs, it’s especially true for this Pom and Shiba Inu mix. Their inquisitive nature and desire for exploration can quickly lead them to trouble, so make sure to always have your pet securely tethered near you.

Even though they are more energetic than your average small breed dog, the Pom-Shi still has moderate activity requirements.

Recognized Clubs

While the American Kennel Club, or other official canine organizations, don’t recognize any of the designer dog breeds, there are clubs that do. These organizations make sure that designer dogs adhere to their own set of standards and make sure that breeding practices are up to par. Many of them recognize the rare Pom-Shi as an official breed, including American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, and International Designer Canine Registry.


Both the Pomeranian and the Shiba Inu belong to the Spitz group: curled tails, pointed muzzles, and thick fur are just some of the features that they share. For the Pom-Shi, this means that it will definitely have a double coat, consisting of a softer, furry undercoat and a straight overcoat. Depending on which parent is favored more, the coat can be on the fluffier side, or denser like Shiba’s.

Either way, your new Pom-Shi pet shouldn’t be too high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Regular brushing to keep the hair from matting and to remove dead hair will make sure your pooch is neat and good-looking. In the shedding season, grooming should be a daily occurrence: you could use a de-shedding brush to make sure that all of the loose hair is removed before it ends up all over your furniture.

There are many possible coat colors for the Pom-Shi, from sable to white. However, most of these designer dogs are tan, brown, or red sesame.


Pom-Shi puppies are a heart-melting sight, that’s for sure. Like all young dogs, these hybrids will also be active and mischievous during their puppyhood, so make sure to start training and socialization early on. If they happen to take up after their Shiba Inu parent more, you can expect them to be quite easy to housebreak, as potty training comes naturally to this ancient Japanese breed.

When they grow up, these designer dogs are no less cute that they were as babies. But it’s not just looks that Pom-Shi offers: they are loyal, loving, and make ideal companions. In most cases, they do well as pets for families with kids, but make sure to train them not to nip when provoked. Additionally, active seniors and singles might find a perfect four-legged friend in a Pom-Shi puppy.

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