Nestle Opens $220 Million Pet Food Factory In Mexico

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
New pet food plant in Mexico means more jobs, but how will this sit with North American pet parents, and will it affect brand loyalty?

Did you know that Mexico is the world’s fourth largest producer of pet food after China, the U.S. and Brazil?

Did you also know that Nestlé’s just opened its 15th pet food factory in Mexico? Yes, the Swiss-based multinational food and beverage giant recently completed a $220 million plant in Guanajuato, Mexico that is expected to employ 200 locals, generate annual economic benefits of close to $44 million and produce close to 130,000 tons of dry pet food each year.

Apparently Nestle has committed to a $1.03 billion investment program for Mexico that runs from 2014-2018 and that will see the iconic brand open another plant – its 16th – toward the end of 2016.

Head honchos for Nestle say this new plant will not only help guarantee domestic supplies of pet food, but will ship approximately 40 percent of its output to Central America and the Caribbean. According to the brand’s CEO for Mexico, Marcelo Melchior, more Mexicans are deciding it’s better to give their pets food that is made specifically for them rather than leftovers so better education and access to quality products may make this new plant a win-win for locals and their pets.

And there’s more… a planned expansion that may include the production of wet food will see the plant double capacity within the very near future.

Yowie! All this talk of millions and billions of dollars has me wondering… with an estimated 25 million pets in Mexico (some of whom may or may not be homeless street animals) let’s hope this billion dollar corporation pursues as many opportunities as possible to give back to their end consumer and create a better world for Mexico’s four-legged amigos!

Does this plant opening change your view of Nestle’s pet food? Would you be more or less likely to buy pet food made in Mexico? Do you think it matters, since the company already opened 15 already? Leave your opinion below,

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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