Ollie Dog Food Delievers Perfect Portions Right To Your Door

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A new, natural dog food customized for your dog is hitting the markets, and it’s fit for you (but made just for pooches, so no taste testing)!

We all want our dogs to have the best, right?

We want them to have the best health and food and life they can possibly have.

Which is why new pet food company, Ollie, has created a dog food that’s meant to stand out from the pack, and the fact that it is safe for human consumption (though your dog may fight you for it!) is only one of the reasons!

The ingredients in Ollie are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Yep, you just go to their site, answer a few questions on their fun website and then get their recommendations for your pup. All the food is prepared in a USDA- and FDA-regulated kitchen–making it safe enough for humans to eat. We wouldn’t really recommend you do that, but…it does say a lot about the quality of food you’d be giving your dog!

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Created by pet parents and entrepreneurs Randy Jimenez, Alex Douzet, and Gabby Slome, Ollie aims to target what they claim is the problem with most dog foods today–rendered meat and byproducts, which may include wood chips and roadkill! (Ewwww….) The co-founders say most pet owners don’t even know what goes into the food they feed their pets, or about the high temperatures food is heated to, as well as artificial flavors added to entice dogs to eat it. More, bigger serving sizes that are not necessarily needed are not only bad for the dogs, but lead to health issues like obesity and other diseases that may shorten life.

Ollie recipes were formulated by a veterinarian and use 98% natural human-grade ingredients like fresh blueberries, chia and spinach, and focus on providing high protein chicken and beef full of vitamins and amino acids dogs need and are often missing from many human-grade pet foods already on the market. To figure out just the right portion size for your pooch, you enter information like age, weight, activity level and breed of your do and allow the site to suggest the best food and serving size for your furbaby.

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Ollie food costs approximately $3 a day, and ships nationwide about every two weeks. When you calculate what you pay for some premium brands out there (with bigger serving sizes too), there is not necessarily a huge price difference, and Ollie founders claim their food will keep your dog healthier and at a more ideal weight. (Totally worth it!)

So check them out! We’re pretty sure your dog will think they’ve hit the food jackpot!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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