What The Gut?! Native Pet Probiotic Powder Tackles Tough Tummy Trouble

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Uh-oh! Your best friend has a case of Montezuma’s revenge, and you want to take care of it ASAP! What’s a pet parent to do when a pup’s tummy is giving him trouble? That’s where Native Pet’s Probiotic Powder comes in.

What’s The Gut Got To Do With It?

You likely see them all over the place for humans—health supplements that address your gut health. Specifically, probiotic supplements. They used to only be found at your local health food or holistic store, but now probiotics adorn the shelves of major big-box retailers. Your doctor recommends them daily, but especially if you’ve had to have a course of antibiotics.

All of this is for a good reason. Research continues to find that healthy guts lead to healthier people overall. The same is true for dogs. Often called “The Second Brain,” a dog’s gut is considered a key player in his health. Full of bacteria that contribute to good digestion, healthy nutrient absorption, and so much more, your dog’s gut can truly make or break his day.

It certainly can help keep stomach issues like diarrhea and constipation in line, and a healthy gut means your dog is likely to be healthier overall too.

Dog Probiotics: There Are So Many

You’re not wrong! There really are lots of probiotics for dogs on the market. But just like brands of toilet paper—not everyone is created equally. And Native Pet comes in heads and tails above the competition.

When the co-founder and CEO of Native Pet started looking for how to best keep his Labrador Retriever Louie healthy, he was disappointed. He found that the ‘all-natural’ market of pet products didn’t exactly present itself fully transparent. He’d read labels for all-natural foods and supplements for Louie and be disappointed that the ingredients were not as all-natural as one might think. He knew that the best and most all-natural supplements for humans were simple but effective. He didn’t understand why dog supplements often had 17 ingredients or more, and that set the path for Native Pet in front of him. Partnering with his friend and fellow pet parent Pat Barron, they realized that the pet supplement market needed something unique. With limited, clean, and simple ingredients as the base for all their products, Native Pet was born.

Native Pet Probiotic Powder: How To Make Your Dog’s Gut Happy

Inside your dog’s digestive system is a whole network of bacteria. Now, at first, bacteria sound gross and like something you don’t want anywhere near your dog’s body.

And you’d be somewhat right. Your dog’s gut, or ‘microbiome’ has both bad and good bacteria inside of it. Colonies of rapidly reproducing bacteria that constantly send messages to your dog’s brain about the state of his health and keep your dog’s food moving as it should. When your dog eats, he begins digesting food immediately. He’ll chew and swallow and send the food down his esophagus to his intestines and stomach. This is where his gut health is vitally important.

See, just like in life, the good and bad bacteria in your dog’s gut battle. The goal is to have thriving colonies of flourishing beneficial bacteria living their best lives. You’ll never be able to fully eradicate harmful bacteria in your dog’s gut because dogs are dogs. They eat gross stuff; they don’t always get the nutritional best in their foods due to over-processing or low-quality ingredients. Sometimes, medicines your dog takes can throw that ratio off. This can be particularly important if your dog must have a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are designed to kill all bacteria, regardless of whether it’s beneficial or not. If your dog has a course of antibiotics, it’s likely both bad and good colonies are destroyed. That’s when probiotics can come to the rescue. They’ll encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria and promote the crowding out of bad.

And that’s when you’ll see the proof of a healthy gut. If your dog is suffering from acute or chronic diarrhea or constipation, it’s likely his gut is out of balance. Adding probiotics will help bring balance back to the microbiome and help stop those 3 am emergency potty breaks for your dog.

Native Pet Probiotic Powder is a powdered mix of probiotics and organic prebiotics (these feed probiotic bacteria!). It helps promote good gut health every day, and this is what helps keep your dog’s diarrhea at bay! Adding 6 billion CFU (colony-forming units) to your dog’s gut, Native Pet Probiotic Powder was designed by a leading board-certified Ph.D and vet nutritionist specializing in pet gut health. Her research led to just four targeted probiotics, plus artichoke and pumpkin, to maintain the right fibrous home for good gut flora and protein-packed bone broth for taste. Your dog will think you’re just topping his meals with a treat, but you’re also improving his gut health with every bite.

Whether your dog has a chronic case of tummy troubles or something stressful has given him the runs, Native Pet Probiotic Powder will bring restorative gut health back to your dog. It’s perfect after a course of illness or antibiotics. It can even help show improvement if your dog suffers from things like Leaky gut or Irritable Bowel.

Best of all, you can trust that the all-natural ingredients really are all-natural, created for two dog lovers’ own dogs and for yours to benefit from too. Good gut health is easy as the three different ways you can give your dog Native Pet Probiotic (sprinkle on top of food, mix in food or use to create a broth). Your dog’s tummy will thank you!

Native Pet has offered PetGuide readers a special discount, so you want to give it a try! Just click here for 20% off.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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