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Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and a feline who prefers to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife
Penalties for Harming K9 Officers Gets a Lot Tougher in Some States

Longer prison terms and stiffer fines hoped to discourage would-be shooters.

UK Law Commands Serious Jail Time for Pet Theft

Recently introduced private member's bill received Royal Assent to make it a law.

2024 Cannes Film Festival Celebrates All Things Dog

Celeb pooches get the star treatment at prestigious event.

Backyard Airbnbs Give Dog Owners A Private Leash-Free Space to Play

Hourly backyard rentals provide a perfect alternative to the crowded leash-free environment.

New Rules Bring Rescues In While Keeping Rabies Out

Centers for Disease Control has some big news for anyone wanting to bring that cute little rescue home to the US.

Top 10 Cuddly Fluffy Dog Breeds
China Zoo Busted for Chow Dogs Masquerading as Pandas

Unable to bring in the real deal, this zoo dyed Chows to resemble the iconic bear... then got caught!

Six Toes, Nine Lives, and a Famous Author

Key West's Hemingway Home and Museum houses 60 polydactyl cats descended from the author's beloved first six-toed feline.

Mexico's President Says Sí to Caring for National Palace's Feral Cats

Living Fixed Asset designation provides felines with care and shelter for life.

UK Firefighters Get No Thanks from Rescued Cat

Trapped between brick walls, rescued feline's epic scowl captures readers attention.

Martha Stewart's Persian Cat, Empress Tang, Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Loss of lifestyle guru's 15-year old fur kid now leaves her feisty feline, Blackie in charge.

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