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Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and two felines who prefer to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife
Benefits of Devil’s Claw for Dogs

How To Stop Your Dog From Following You Around the House

We love them to bits yet, let’s be honest, there are times when being followed around all day by our furry little buddies becomes, well, annoying. Am I right?

Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs: They’re Smelly and Tough to Resolve

For those of us with floppy-eared dogs, we know the signs of a pending ear infection all too well. The constant ear scratching, head shaking and that tell-tale funky smell is typically down to a yeasty build-up that happens when ear flaps prevent air circulation and trap moisture inside your pet’s ear canal. It’s not only messy but can be uncomfortable to the point of downright painful for your pooch.

Can Shock Collars Damage a Dog’s Vocal Cords?

With so many pet owners now working from home and trying to focus on reading reports, creating presentations and conducting professional-quality meetings via Zoom, that incessant barking from Rover may well have begun to deep-six your productivity levels. Am I right?

Breast Cancer in Pets: Causes and Treatments

I discovered the lump while playing with my newly adopted feline, Maude. A much-enjoyed belly rub was how I first felt the mass and because I had been through it all before – twice, in fact - my heart sank.

How Do I Know When Walks Are Too Much for My Senior Dog?

Big or small, all dogs love to get out for a good walk each day. And if your favorite route is one designed to challenge your pooch and offer him a rigorous workout, you may be finding that as he ages, his spirit is willing, but his body is slowing him down.

How to Train Your Pet to Be a Visiting Therapy Dog

How To Train a Search and Rescue Dog

How to Train Your Dog to Leave the Cat Alone

Your dog just won't give your cat a moment of peace. Here's how to train your dog to leave your cat alone.

How to Train a Deaf Dog

How to Train a Blind Dog

How To Train a Dog With High Prey Drive