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Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and a feline who prefers to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife
Canine Nose Prints Help Reunite Lost Pets with Owners

Faster and more effective than microchips? Time will tell.

Is AI Making it Easier to Have a Conversation with Your Pet?

We ask the question: Is there really an app in the works that will help us talk to animals?

Plain Jane Dogs Work Harder to Communicate

Studies show dogs without facial markings tend to get the short end of the stick... so to speak.

Taters the Cat Streams From Deep Space for NASA

Cat playing with laser pointer is used by NASA to measure band-with between deep space and Earth.

San Juan Puerto Rico’s Iconic Stray Felines to Be Evicted

One-year deadline imposed by the US National Park Service to shift almost 200 cats from 16th-century El Morro fortress.

Royal Corgis Make Way for Jack Russell Terriers

New palace pooches get the royal treatment they deserve.

Let's Talk Turkey... and Why the White House Pardons One Each Year

Finney the Jack Russell Terrier Survives 72 Days Alone in Wilderness

Loyal after death, this mini-mutt remained at her owner's side until rescuers arrived.

Florida Courts Ready to Add Some Teeth to Their Animal Abuse Cases

The Court-Appointed Animal Advocate may be a thing in 2024.

Organizations Donate Free Food to Help Owners Keep Pets

The high cost of living forces many pet owners to consider rehoming their pets.

What's the Deal With Black Cats and Hallowe'en?

Satanic partner or independent thinker... tonight the black cats rule!

Dogs Trained to Detect Ancient Remains Expedite Search for Graves