Best Cat Grooming Products

Cats are known as extremely neat groomers who know how to keep themselves clean and tidy. Unlike their canine companions, they won’t rely on you to ensure they’re feeling fresh! However, the fact that felines are avid when it comes to their personal hygiene doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a grooming routine for your pet. While cats can do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves, they still need a bit of help for everything to be in top shape.

Best Cat Leashes

Did you know that you could walk your cat on a leash? What was reserved for pooches only has become a hot new trend in the past few years with cat owners, who are thrilled to be able to give their kitty an opportunity to spend time outdoors but still be safe from harm, securely tethered to their owner. Instead of being indoors-only cats, or cats who are free to roam the neighborhood by themselves, felines have a new option available, and it’s best of both worlds. If your cat has expressed interest in the outside environment and your area is too dangerous for them to be let out alone, the leash will be an ideal solution.

Best Rabbit Houses

Rabbit houses and habitats are the places where your pet bunny will spend most of their time in. With that in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that your choice of housing for your four-legged companion will have a tremendous influence on the quality of their life. Inadequate housing can cause illnesses, behavioral issues and many other problems with your pet, so it’s crucial to pick out houses and habitats that will give them the living conditions they deserve. However, even when you have your pet’s best interest at heart, it’s not always easy finding ideal housing for them.

Best Dog House

Being in the doghouse doesn’t have to be a bad thing… If you pick a dog house that will be the envy of all neighborhood pooches, that is! From doggie mansions fit for a puppy royalty to comfy plush homes that can serve as crate alternatives, we’ve got it covered.’s goal is to help you find the perfect scaled down home for your precious pooch, by offering honest, in-depth reviews of dog houses, as well as informative buying guides that will help you make the best decision for your four-legged baby.

Best Dog Health Products

We all want for our pets to have long and happy lives, and to be as healthy as they can! To ensure this, you will need to provide a well-balanced, wholesome diet that meets your pooch’s nutritive needs, as well as plenty of exercise that will keep them fit and active. However, this is only the beginning: healthy food and an appropriate amount of physical activity can only set up a good foundation for your pooch. In order to promote their overall well-being, you’ll need to take action to prevent health issues down the road.

Best Rabbit Health Products

In general, rabbits are considered to be healthy pets – with proper care, bunnies can live to be 8 to 12 years old on average, with little issues and problems throughout their lifetime. However, living conditions that are less than ideal as well as failure to notice symptoms of common rabbit illnesses on time can significantly shorten your pet’s life span, which is the last thing any pet parent wants.

Best Cat Health Products

Your most important duty as a pet parent is to make sure your cat is healthy and happy. With proper care and a lot of love, your feline friend can live to be up to 15 to 20 years old and even more – there have been cases of kitties making it much longer than that. Indoor cats and fixed cats, in general, have a longer life expectancy as a general rule, but keeping your kitty safe inside your home and making sure that they’re spayed or neutered is just the tip of the iceberg.

Best Dog Harness

When it comes to dog walking equipment, in addition to a good leash, you’ll need a collar or a harness to attach the lead to. Dog harnesses are a popular choice for many dog owners, as they are much less likely to cause injury than collars, and they’re a better fit for some pets overall, such as large breeds, injured or senior dogs, or pooches who haven’t yet mastered the fine details of walking on a leash.

Best Rabbit Grooming Products

Generally speaking, rabbits are quite clean animals and avid self-groomers. However, when living in captivity, pet rabbits need help with grooming from their owner: after all, molting doesn’t bother anyone in the forest, but excess shedding might be problematic when you live in a small apartment. Regular grooming routine is a mandatory part of rabbit care and it will include taking care of your bunny’s fur and nails, as well as using the opportunity to check other things such as their dental or eye health, to name a few.