Best Cat Leashes

Did you know that you could walk your cat on a leash? What was reserved for pooches only has become a hot new trend in the past few years with cat owners, who are thrilled to be able to give their kitty an opportunity to spend time outdoors but still be safe from harm, securely tethered to their owner. Instead of being indoors-only cats, or cats who are free to roam the neighborhood by themselves, felines have a new option available, and it’s best of both worlds. If your cat has expressed interest in the outside environment and your area is too dangerous for them to be let out alone, the leash will be an ideal solution.

Best Cat Leashes Features Available At
Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash
    • Made with easy-to-secure Velcro, which makes outfitting your cat simple.


    • Special soft Velcro is used in the neck and chest, and a plastic closure is added to the neck to prevent the cat from escaping.


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PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash
    • Designed specifically for kitties, the harness applies gentle pressure to the shoulders rather than the neck or throat.


    • Two adjustment points allow you to custom fit the harness to your cat’s body type; always measure your cat for proper fit.


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PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash
    • Nylon lead and harness for your small cat or puppies under 12 pounds.


    • This standard lead fits around the cat’s neck and back to evenly distribute pressure, size adjustable for both young kitty to adult cats.


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Adjustable Padded Vest Cat Harness and Leash
    • Both chest and neck strap are soft and adjustable with Magic Tape enclosure.


    • Escape proof cat harness with durable and strong Magic Tape, no plastic clip needed.


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GAUTERF Cat Universal Harness with Leash Set
    • 3M reflective cat harness strip design makes it visible in low light conditions.


    • 2 adjustable buckles on the pet harness that can be adjusted according to the size of cat.


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However, walking cats is not as easy as putting on a leash on your feline friend and going for a stroll the same day. Not only that you’ll need to get a suitable a leash and a harness for cats, but you’ll have to go through an adjustment period before your cat stops being distrustful of their restraints, and even their new outdoor surroundings, especially if they haven’t been outside before.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to pick the right gear or go through the process of cat training. PetGuide.com’s experts have prepared buying guides and reviews of cat leashes that will make sure your pet is 100 percent safe and happy during your walks! Additionally, we’ve got all the resources you might need to leash-train your cat and help them get comfortable when walking on a lead. All you need to do is get started!

When it comes to leashes for cats, there is a wide selection available on the market. There are no martingale leashes for cats or chain leads you’d see if you walk through dog walking equipment isle. Cat leashes are regular standard flat leads or retractable leashes, usually made from a high-quality nylon blend, with a secure metal clasp that’s to be attached to a harness.

You see, unlike dogs, who can walk on a leash that’s attached to a collar or a harness both, cats don’t have that choice. Being as limber and crafty as they are, cats can only be safely walked if a harness or a vest are attached to the end of the lead, as walking a cat in a collar could easily end up in a successful escape attempt or a serious injury. Most experts recommend cat walking vest or jacket, as it sits more firmly on the feline’s body and allows you a more secure “grip”.

In addition, the snug and comfy material of the vests can make the experience much more comfortable for your precious pet. However, traditional harnesses with straps are an equally good option- it all boils down to what you and your kitty prefer more. If you’re unsure which of the two types would be a better choice for your pet, or just don’t know which specific model or brand to get, PetGuide.com is the place to be. Not only do we have the nitty-gritty on all types of cat leashes, but we feature reviews of many individual models. Whether you want a strappy harness for your kitten or a walking vest, we’ve got you covered!

Of course, even if you get all the right gear, it won’t help you unless you know how to work with your feline friend. Sometimes, lead walking a cat is truly an impossible mission: each time you try to take your cat for a walk, they throw a hissy fit or become so petrified that you feel sorry that you even tried to put them through something they don’t like. In those cases, it’s best not to push it. It’s clear that your pet prefers their current lifestyle and forcing them to change their habits is never going to end well- felines are a stubborn lot.

However, if your cat doesn’t have a severe issue with the leash or seems curious about the outdoors, then a bit of effort is all it takes to make walking on a leash an enjoyable activity for your beloved furry friend. More often than not, the first time you put a harness on your cat, they’ll drop to the side, and refuse to move even an inch. That shouldn’t discourage you! After all, what kind of a cat would that be if they didn’t rebel at least a bit? With positive reinforcement training and gradual adjustment to having to wear a harness, your cat will be walking on a leash in no time. In addition to our extensive resources on leashes as the tools needed for the process, we explain the process of leash training step by step. PetGuide.com’s feline experts will help you get your cat to go on walks in no time, with their insider tips and nifty advice.

Walking your cat on a leash can have some significant benefits for their health, both mental and physical. Outdoor activity can help get your indoor kitty the exercise they need, and help them satiate their curiosity about the environment behind the window glass, allowing them to sniff around and watch birds and bugs more closely than they could from the comfort of your apartment. However, while leashes can open a whole new world of possibility for some felines, others are simply a not good fit for walking.

It’s vital to know your cat well and make sure not to push them to do anything they don’t want. As much as there are benefits to leash walking a cat, there are potential downsides and dangers you need to consider as well. At PetGuide.com, you will be able to learn all about feline behavior and products needed for your pet to lead a happy and content life- including all about leashes and walking cats, and how to determine if you should do it or not.