Adoptable Dog of the Week- Hardy

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Get ready to fall in love with this feisty little fella! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Hardy, a 5 years old Pomeranian and Pekingese mix (Peek-A-Pom, if you wish), from Newark, Delaware. This tiny pooch weighs just 8 pounds, and he’s neutered, and up to date with his shots. Hardy does well with female dogs but he’s not been tested around cats. Owing to his fragility as a toy breed dog, he’d do best in a home without kids or with older children in their teens.

Unfortunately, this little fella didn’t have the best start in life- he was with a backyard breeder before he came to the shelter. His ruff start didn’t leave a mark on him, though, as this pooch is happy and bubbly as they get! In the words of his rescuers, Hardy is a comical tiny guy with a happy-go-lucky attitude that will win you over in a heartbeat. 

True to his parental breeds, Hardy might be petite but he’s full of energy and very vocal- which is why he’d do best in a house with a backyard rather than an apartment building (unless you really hate your neighbors!). He needs owners that will appreciate his sparkly and effervescent personality and cherish him for it: Hardy really enjoys attention and wants a furever family where he’ll be pampered and spoiled just as he deserves to be!

Not too surprisingly, Hardy is a ladies man that seems to get along with all female dogs but doesn’t really like other males- I mean, they are competition, after all. He has not been tested around cats and owing to his size, he might not be the best match for families with little children that could inadvertently hurt him. 

In case that you have experience with feisty small breed dogs and Hardy sounds like a pooch you’d love to welcome to your family, contact Delaware Alliance for Animal Welfare Groups, Inc. for more information about the adoption process.